Things You Should Know About Mac Security

Mac security

Do Macs get viruses? Do we need an antivirus application on the Macs? These are two questions commonly asked by many Mac users, especially those people who just start to use Mac instead of the computer with Windows OS. As the Mac computer become more and more popular in nowadays, many people will need to learn and know more about the Mac security.

Important things you should know about Mac security

Mac also could be attacked by virus

Macintosh is a secure machine that significantly reduce the risk of virus attack on the computer, but it does not mean that the Mac is 100% safe from malicious virus and malware. More and more viruses are created by the hacker and want to sneak to the Mac computer.

Hackers also use Mac

While many dangerous viruses and threats are created by hankers and used to compromised the Windows system, hackers also use Mac too and trying to find a way to invade the smart Apple computer.

Mac users lack of the security protection for the machine

As many people think that the Mac computer rarely get virus infection, and the Apple also hasn’t done enough to educate Mac users about protect the computer’s security. Many Mac users may not care or pay attention to the security protection of the machine.

An antivirus application is also necessary for your Mac

Antivirus is always a necessary security tool for the computer, even though you get a Mac computer, it can help the user to prevent the malicious virus all the time, and also support you to remove the infections on the coimputer.

Develop a good habit of surfing on the Internet

Many viruses infections are actually caused by the people’s improper use of the computer as well as the Internet, so please do not try to open any unhealthy websites, and download any unknown applications on the computer, you will easily get a big trouble and difficult to handle by yourself.

  • Christopher Bergen

    There were some wired phenomenons on my Mac weeks ago and I took it to the store then paid $200 to the technicians. They told that my Mac was infected by some kind of Trojan. I can’t remember the name. And they suggest me install anti-virus software on the system to avoid any risks. Thanks for your article. I’ll be following up on this blog.

    • David M. McLean

      Hi Bergen, I think it is too expensive to fix Mac problems in the store. There are kinds of anti-malware software available which can help you protect your machine. This will save your much money if you have good surfing habits and scan your Mac system regularly.