How to Remove QuickLayout Mac Virus

David Shore
IT Security Expert

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What Is QuickLayout Mac Virus?

remove quicklayout mac virus

QuickLayout is a browser hijacker and potentially unwanted search engine that infects MacOS. It is a malicious piece of code that target explicitly google chrome mac users. QuickLayout takes control of your browser, swapping the search engines without your knowledge and costing you money in the process. It is spread through ads on websites, and it can also be installed when you click on any link with a spell checker or download manager. If QuickLayout hasn’t already started tracking your every site visit, it soon will. The first sign that you have this virus is that your default search engine is changed to a certain “shop search.” The hijackers behind QuickLayout run a giant affiliate scam. When you visit any of the sites they’ve partnered with, they get paid. The frequency at which you use their search engine will determine how much they make.

How Is QuickLayout Mac Virus Distributed?

QuickLayout virus is distributed through a number of third-party advertising platforms that use non-intrusive ads to spread its malicious code. These are the same platforms you see advertisements from on almost any legitimate website you visit. You won’t know that the advertisements carry QuickLayout until it’s too late – by then, you’ll be infected. In addition, QuickLayout can also be distributed using rogue updaters and outdated plugins. Why are Ads, Plugins and Updates a Problem for Mac Users?
Affiliate programs let websites, including Google, get paid for sharing their content. When you visit a website and click on one of the ads that appear on that site’s page, you’re opening a window for the affiliate program to measure your interest in the subject of the ad. If you’re interested in buying something from this company – even if it’s completely unrelated to what is advertised – they’ll receive a commission and start promoting that product on their own.

How harmful is QuickLayout hijacker? 

QuickLayout is not only extremely annoying; it’s also highly dangerous. The hijacker can also run a number of scripts in the background that are designed to encrypt your information and hold it for ransom. You could end up paying a couple hundred dollars to recover your files. If you’ve been infected with QuickLayout, you must remove it immediately. Furthermore, if you have further questions or need the removal process guidance, you are recommended to ask for help via comment section or directly contact us .

How did I get infected?

You probably didn’t do anything wrong. These malicious advertisements aren’t targeting MacOS users intentionally, but this is simply the platform with the biggest user base that is most underrepresented on the web. QuickLayout virus can be distributed using a variety of different channels. It can spread quickly on legitimate sites you visit; it can be delivered as part of a rogue updater; it takes advantage of outdated plugins and so on. However, there’s no need for alarm. You’re not doing anything wrong – you can simply remove QuickLayout virus from your Mac.

How can I remove QuickLayout virus ?

Step 1: Uninstall QuickLayout and remove related files and objects

  • Open your Finder –> Click on GO –>Click on Utilities


  • Find Activity Monitor and open it


  • Review all the processes in Activity Monitor and write down the ones related to QuickLayout virus


  • Select Quit


  • To kill the malicious process, choose the Force Quit option.

Step 2: Scan for and remove QuickLayout files from your Mac

Fix your browser settings with SpyHunter Anti-Malware

Once you download and install SpyHunter for Mac run a scan.


Once the scan is complete, your mac will be virus free.

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