How to Remove ActivityInputdd Mac Virus

David Shore
IT Security Expert

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What Is ActivityInputdd Mac Virus?


ActivityInputdd mac virus

ActivityInputdd is a browser hijacker that can affects Mac computers and in particular Safari browser. The virus is bundled with the Safari browser from a download from the Internet. The Activity Inputdd Mac Virus will hijack your homepage and replace it with a search engine that can lead to harmful sites. It also can cause ads for pop-up windows, banners, and other commercial marketing to appear when browsing the web. This post aims to please you as it will give you important information about ActivityInputdd Mac Virus which you may have not known before reading this post. So, do you want to know more about ActivityInputdd Mac Virus. Certainly, you are going to get the full knowledge about this on this article. Feel free to read it and make sure that you have enough information about ActivityInputdd Mac Virus.

How Is ActivityInputdd Mac Virus Distributed?

The ActivityInputdd Mac Virus is distributed as a browser hijacker that when installed on your computer, will redirect your web browser to search engine websites. With the help of ActivityInputdd Mac Virus, you can get access to various commercial websites and reputable search engines. The hijacker will display lots of ads and search results (such as local and shopping results) that are not related to your previous searches or browsing habits. This means that your browsing experience will be a lot slower and more frustrating due to the new unwanted start page. The ActivityInputdd Mac Virus is promoted through the use of rogue software installers, so you should avoid them at all costs. If you have downloaded a piece of software recently and got the ActivityInputdd Mac Virus bundled with it, remove it without hesitating. Otherwise, your computer may be prone to severe security issues.

How harmful is ActivityInputdd hijacker? 

The ActivityInputdd Mac Virus is another unwanted program that doesn’t require you to select it and grant permissions at all. It simply gets installed on the computer without your consent. Uninstalling ActivityInputdd Mac Virus manually is not recommended because the program often changes your default browser settings. It may also cause security issues, so it is best to remove it immediately once you notice the hijacker on your browser.

What are the signs that my computer has been infected with ActivityInputdd Mac Virus?
The ActivityInputdd Mac Virus may display lots of adverts or pop-up windows that can be very annoying. For instance, it can display various error messages or various warning messages that are fake and have nothing to do with your computer. If you see any of these messages pop up on your screen, ignore them immediately because they are part of the hijacker’s strategy to keep your attention on them.

How did I get infected?

No matter how it is installed on your computer, ActivityInputdd Mac Virus can affect many ways. The best way to prevent the hijacker from entering your PC is by not downloading any applications from the Internet. If you have already installed any free software recently, remove it immediately if you see ActivityInputdd Mac Virus bundled with it.

How can I remove ActivityInputdd virus ?

Anti-spyware programs are able to diagnose and remove this infection, but we advise you to read some removal instructions first. If you have been affected by ActivityInputdd launched via an ad on certain sites, we advise you to remove this browser hijacker as soon as possible.

Step 1: Uninstall ActivityInputdd and remove related files and objects

  • Open your Finder –> Click on GO –>Click on Utilities


  • Find Activity Monitor and open it


  • Review all the processes in Activity Monitor and write down the ones related to ActivityInputdd virus


  • Select Quit


  • To kill the malicious process, choose the Force Quit option.

Step 2: Scan for and remove ActivityInputdd files from your Mac

Fix your browser settings with SpyHunter Anti-Malware

Once you download and install SpyHunter for Mac run a scan.


Once the scan is complete, your mac will be virus free.

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