How to Remove VantageAdvisor Mac Virus

David Shore
IT Security Expert

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What Is VantageAdvisor Mac Virus?



Vantage Advisor is a browser hijacker that can affects Mac computers and in particular Safari browser. Once it is wedged in, it uses malicious software to target known vulnerabilities. This software can steal data and collect information from your Mac while causing a huge burden on the speed of your device. Vantage Advisor is one of the most malicious Mac browser hijackers. The Vantage Advisor browser hijacker is a program that may look like it’s legitimate, but instead it actually serves as a gateway for cyber-criminals to get access to your system and steal sensitive information. These days, Mac’s are used by people in both personal and professional settings and therefore threats like the Vantage Advisor are very dangerous because they can collect crucial information from you.

How Is VantageAdvisor Mac Virus Distributed?

The VantageAdvisor Mac Virus is mainly distributed by the use of free software or illegal web pages. It may be added to freeware or shareware by developers who gain profit from the installation. Additionally, sometimes it gets downloaded into your system bundled with other applications – such as 3rd party apps in Mac App Store, BitTorrent clients, etc. VantageAdvisor virus also can infect your system when you click on a third party links and install free software online. However, you should pay attention to the fact that VantageAdvisor Mac virus is not really a free download.

How harmful is VantageAdvisor hijacker? 

VantageAdvisor is a potentially unwanted program. This program has real potential to harm your Mac and will not allow you to surf the internet safely or efficiently. It can compromise security of your Mac and collect your sensitive data there.
It will leave signs in the form of showing itself on the task bar, or it may hide its icon from the system tray. You can choose to relocate or remove VantageAdvisor with tools available online, however they may result in data loss and further damage to your system if not done properly. It could be a better idea to get in touch with Mac application developer or the company behind it.
The best way to remove VantageAdvisor is by getting an automatic tool that will remove it completely. You are advised to use ‘VantageAdvisor Scanner’ which scans your Mac and shows you detailed report on what files have been affected and also where they are located.
There are number of reasons that could make you feel uncomfortable using your Mac. One of the most common of them – VantageAdvisor virus threat.

How did I get infected?

As mentioned, VantageAdvisor is a new Mac virus. It is has been released recently in the wild and has managed to infect most of the Mac computers around the world. This potentially unwanted program is mainly distributed by freeware which functions as an installer tool for other applications. If you have recently downloaded any programs on your Mac, it means that you might already be infected.
How does it work?
VantageAdvisor can infiltrate your system if you download freeware on your computer even if you do not want it to happen.

How can I remove VantageAdvisor virus ?

Anti-spyware programs are able to diagnose and remove this infection, but we advise you to read some removal instructions first. If you have been affected by VantageAdvisor launched via an ad on certain sites, we advise you to remove this browser hijacker as soon as possible.

Step 1: Uninstall VantageAdvisor and remove related files and objects

  • Open your Finder –> Click on GO –>Click on Utilities


  • Find Activity Monitor and open it


  • Review all the processes in Activity Monitor and write down the ones related to VantageAdvisor virus


  • Select Quit


  • To kill the malicious process, choose the Force Quit option.

Step 2: Scan for and remove VantageAdvisor files from your Mac

Fix your browser settings with SpyHunter Anti-Malware

Once you download and install SpyHunter for Mac run a scan.


Once the scan is complete, your mac will be virus free.

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