Winter Games Hit By Cyber Attack During Opening Ceremony

At about 7.15pm (9.15pm AEDT) on Friday, Internal internet and Wi-Fi systems of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang were shutdown and lasted to midday on Saturday, and speculation of Winter Olympics being hit by cyber attack was discussed by many people.

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

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How can Thoroughly Remove ManyCam from macOS – Expert App Uninstall Guides

What’s the exact way to remove ManyCam? Is it as easy as installing the app on the Mac? Many people would provide a negative response to this question, because it’s really hard for most of them to complete the removal on their Macs.

ManyCam for Mac is a screen recorder and webcam software, it is an interesting app for many users that can be used with other chat applications simultaneously, and also available for adding CGI graphics and special effects on it, and moreover, it can be used for free. So, it is widely used for many people on the Macs, but when it needs to be removed from the computer, unexpected troubles just come out and impede the smooth and successful removal. Continue reading

The Best Tips to Uninstall NetSpot on Mac of 2017

You want to uninstall NetSpot from your Mac? You can read this article and follow the best removal guides to remove this application on your Mac quickly. I’ll show you different methods and you can choose one of them to complete the removal mission as you wish. Remember that do not miss any steps introduced in this article because you might get errors or technical problems on the machine. I’m not trying to scare you but actually there were some kind of similar cases had been received by our labs in the past months. Therefore, just be careful if you would like to uninstall NetSpot manually. Well, take it easy, you have no need to worry about this issue because I will guide you step by step to help you uninstall it completely and safely.

What is NetSpot?

NetSpot for Mac is designed to help Mac users to survey their Wi-Fi network to access the quality of the connections provided in various areas of home or office. The scan function of NetSpot provides users a lot of information about how the Wi-Fi network is working and what kind of potential problems people might have. NetSpot also will analyze that whether the network is healthy or not.

With NetSpot, Mac users can easily collect all the Wi-Fi data around you. Furthermore, users can optimize Wi-Fi network because they are able to see the channel overlap by using the visualized map of collected wireless data.

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How can Uninstall Norton AntiVirus Product Effective on Mac

Can’t uninstall Norton AntiVirus product by yourself on your Mac? This post is all about the useful instructions to help you get rid of the application effectively from your computer.

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How To Remove Python From Mac Os x – Python Uninstall Guides

App uninstall instructions for how can remove Python from Mac OS X in a right way.

Program overview

Python for Mac is a high-level, interpreted and interactive programming language like Java, Perl or Scheme, it is created by Guido van Rossum usually used for general programming for the applications. So it is often used by those computer professionals and the general users rarely use this app.

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Gmail For iOS Gets New Anti-Phishing Feature For Suspicious Links

Want get more protection on iOS devices and avoid those dangerous phishing attack? Google introduced a new anti-phishing feature for Gmail on iOS devices in recently, which will display a warning when people get a suspicious link in Gmail message.

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Uninstall Dropbox from macOS without Complicated Method

Problems of removing Dropbox may annoyed many people on their Macs, and finding a good and effective way to delete it has been a conundrum among many of its users. So here, we just take some time to learn more about this application as well as the available way to uninstall Dropbox from Mac.

uninstall Dropbox from Mac

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