How can Uninstall Amazon Kindle For Mac with Ease

The Amazon Kindle is a popular app that allows users to read, download and browse e-books, newspapers, magazines wirelessly. Uninstall Amazon Kindle from Mac sometimes could be a problem for some users, so this post might be helpful for you to figure it out and remove the app well under Mac OS X.

Uninstall Amazon Kindle

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Great Website for You to Search High Quality Pictures

In order to give the article map, at the beginning of the time I was from Google directly search pictures, found the quality of the pictures uneven, often spent a lot of time, has not found a satisfactory picture. Later, the editor recommended the following sites, which took a while and worked well.


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You Can Simply Create Your Own Design with These 5 Website

In everyone’s impression, want to complete the beautiful design, must master PS, AI, Sketch and other professional mapping tools can be. In fact, there are many websites that can help us without professional design tools, making a lot of beautiful designs and completing our own design needs. Today, let’s take a look at these sites.

▍ Prototype Design

STUDIO STUDIO is a design site developed by the Japanese team that can easily complete mobile apps and web prototypes. When you sign up for your account login, there will be a very friendly instructional guide to tell you some simple actions.

STUDIO can create two of design documents for the iPhone App and Web.

STUDIO has built-in picture libraries, font libraries, icon libraries, and, depending on the document format you choose, provides style footage controls such as STUDIO STYLE, Material Design, and iOS UI Design, as long as you drag and combine controls to suit your own ideas. It is important to note that STUDIO’s design principles, similar to the composition of Web pages, are based on square Box containers, and each Box container can only be arranged next to a Box container. By setting different Margin (outer margins) and Padding (inner margins) to adjust the position of the element, it is not free for the mouse to drag and drop to control the placement of the Box. With the 7 box sorting method provided by STUDIO and Box nesting, you can complete a variety of design styles.

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Only $1, You Can Enjoy These Software Easily

BundleHunt’s latest Mac App Bundle uses the recently more popular pay WhatsApp Want model, unlocking prices of $5.

Simply put, you can pick the apps included in the Bundle at will, and the final price you pay is the total price of the selected APP plus 5 dollars.

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Is it possible for AI to understand human feelings?

What do you think of the idea of a robotic psychotherapist? Machines with EQ may soon be able to appear.

Over the past few decades, artificial intelligence has been very adept at reading human emotional reactions. But reading does not mean understanding. If AI can’t go through all sorts of emotions on its own, is it possible for them to really understand us?

If not, do we put ourselves in greater danger when we continue to rely on these machines? The latest generation of AI can learn from the growing size of big data, while having the ability to continuously improve processing. These machines are more competitive than people in dealing with many things. They can now recognize faces, turn human face graffiti into photos, recognize voice and play go.

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These 10 Great Google Chrome Plug-ins Can Make You Become Senior Users in Just 5 Minutes

Today we have selected 10 useful Google Chrome plug-ins for you. You can install and use them to get a better experience in your daily life.



If you have a record of the demand and entangled in the frequent hundreds of thousands of software prices, try Loom. Although only a browser plug-in, but Loom can record the browser page, but also can record the camera, program window and even the entire desktop, recorded video can be saved to Loom provided free space, can be downloaded as local video, can also generate links to share with others, the function is very complete. Moreover, Loom is completely free, developers very domineering said, “At present do not care about the price and profit.” Continue reading

Need Perfect Wallpaper? Read This First and You Will Get the Perfect One

▍WLPPR: The power of nature is the coolest

WLPPR main aerial map of different landscapes, with another angle to show the natural style, let people feel the magic of natural power. Probably expected a lot of users will be like me in the home page repeatedly exclaimed, “Oh, my God, where is this?”

“, In addition to labeling the name of the location of the picture below the thumbnail, WLPPR also provides information about where the picture was taken, the formation of the geomorphology, and so on after entering the larger picture. Continue reading

Mosaic – A Kind of App that Every MAC User Might Need

When we use a computer, we often need multiple windows to open at the same time, but also do not block the situation.

For example, when I was writing a paper, I would even use four windows:

  • Writing Software window
  • Document window
  • Use Google to help me understand sentences quickly
  • Use dictionaries to find words accurately

In this case, all kinds of occupations are not uncommon, and even some occupations will encounter more special and complex window arrangement.

If you don’t have a window management software, each time you rely on a pointer to drag the size and position of each window, it’s a torment, and it’s a serious understatement of the extent of modern software development. Continue reading

Writefull – A Perfect English Academic Writing Tools for All Sutdents

I believe that many non-native students who need to write in English to complete academic papers or reports are often tortured to death by the harsh demands of Academic Writing (academic writing), each time writing a mind to do a variety of grammar, spelling, words and other aspects of proofreading, But in the end, it is inevitable that the teacher will find the wrong.

The reason for this problem is, on the one hand, those non-native English students rarely have professionally Academic Writing training, and on the other hand, because many of these students do not know where to obtain authoritative references. When it comes to academic writing, Google Scholar is certainly an authoritative reference to the past, but there is no reference to searching the relevant vocabulary directly in Google Scholar because you can’t know how often the word is used, that is, you can’t do it based on Google Scholar. Continue reading

What Free and Useful Applications for Mac? Read This Article and Get the Tips!

For a brand new MAC, in addition to admiring its wonderful industrial design, there is one very important thing, is to install the first batch of software on the MAC. In general, this first batch of the software will always be accompanied by our daily life, office, entertainment, so can be installed at the beginning of these excellent applications, is definitely a good way to improve your surfing experience.

▍The Unarchive: Unzip tools

MacOS is not very good at processing compressed files. If you don’t have any software installed, you can only choose to compress it into. zip or unzip the. zip file, which may sound a bit of a chicken rib. And the Unarchiver as a fairly conscientious decompression tool on MAC, supporting the decompression of RAR, 7-zip, Tar and other commonly used compressed format files, but also can open ISO, EXE and other types of files, full-featured and free.

▍CheatSheet: Shortcut Key Tips

If you want to do that kind of flow on your computer, the use of shortcut keys must be the most important. But don’t say the shortcuts to other software, you probably don’t even know one or two of the shortcut keys you bring with you. What if you’re still searching for “XXX’s shortcut keys? “, That must have not met CheatSheet.” Before using this software, you need to check CheatSheet in “System Preferences-security and privacy-privacy-accessibility” in most APP interfaces and press Command-⌘ directly to exhale all the shortcut keys of the software, which can be said to be very convenient.

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