100 Skills for Mac You Might Want to Learn – Part 4

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31. How to encrypt files on Mac

Open the Mac Disk Tool and select File – New Image – Image from folder in the menu bar. Then select the folder you want to encrypt. Select encryption in the options menu. Enter ing in and confirm the password, and then click On Storage to generate a .dmg disk image file that requires a password to open, and it is absolutely secure.

32. How do I project my iPhone screen onmy on my Mac?

Connect your Mac and iPhone with a data cable. When you open QuickTime Player, double-finger select New Movie Recording, and the camera selects the iPhone, the iPhone screen will be placed on the Mac window.

33. Quickly check English word translation

Put the mouse pointer on the English word, and then press the touch version hard to show the translation of the word. You can also configure a translation dictionary. In addition to English words, you can also translate Chinese characters, Japanese and so on with one click. It’s really not where not to point anywhere!

34. Visit the search for the current folder

You want to search for a file in a folder. Click on the search box in the upper right corner of the Access folder and by default search esms for the entire Mac. If you want to search for files in the current folder by default, you can open Access Preferences- Advanced to set up to search for the current folder when you perform the search.

35. Input tones of pinyin

In the English input method, the long press and hold of the letter key displays the alphabet option with pinyin. You can try it.

36. Use the preview to convert HEIC pictures

HEIC-format photos from iPhone to Mac Double-click Open using the Preview App and then select JPEG in the menu bar to save photos in a more compatible JPEG format.

37. Quickly enter emoji

You can quickly open the emoji selection window using the shortcut control and command and spaces. Select the emoji you want to insert to insert the cursor position of the currented edit text by double-clicking. If you’re using a MacBook Pro with a touch bar, you can also quickly enter emojis in the Touch Bar.

38. Remove Windows system

Install ingress Mac, and if you want to remove the Windows system, only the macOS system is retained. First go to the macOS system, then turn on the Start Conversion Assistant and the point “Continue”. Clicking “Recover” on the Remove Startup Conversion Window will remove the Windows system and restore the disk partition.

39. Menu bar shows Bluetooth

Turn on system preferences – Bluetooth, you can set to display Bluetooth in the menu bar. You can quickly turn off Bluetooth in the menu bar, or switch to connect to a Bluetooth device.

40. Word-breaking input

For some strokes a lot of strange words, do not even know how to read, want to enter often can not start.