How Can Completely Unintall Kodi From Mac Without Any Trace

Kodi for Mac is a freeware that attracts many people to download and use on their Mac computer, but the removing issues usually annoy them when they need to remove it. Did you met any problem when try to uninstall Kodi from your Mac? You guys would get to know how to do with that app removal after checking out the following words.

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Uninstall Memory Cleaner for Mac – The Best Tips of 2017

Some users would like to uninstall Memory Cleaner from their Macs because they don’t need it temporarily or they have found a better replacement for this system memory tweaking software. If you have the same requirement like them, you are guaranteed that you would remove Memory Cleaner from the Mac OS X successfully without any traces. Some of my friends have uninstalled Memory Cleaner completely by following my removal guides. The instructions I’m going to share with you are able to help you clean up every component of Memory Cleaner. You have no need to find out the specific location of its files yourself. You can just follow the tips step by step then you will see how the miracle happens. That is the simplest way for you if you are lack of technical knowledge of the computer.
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Note! ‘Doomsday’ Worm Uses Seven NSA Exploits While WannaCry Used Two


Just come around again after the attack of “WannaCry”, cheer up, another new virus which is more dangerous and malicious then the wannacry has been created. A worm ‘Doomsday’ which uses seven NSA exploits (wannacry used two) just coming out, and this is definitely a bigger challenge for all computer users to protect their machines from this worm infection. Continue reading

Apple to Update Entire Macbook Lineup at WWDC

With Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) coming soon, there are many rumors and news about Apple’s products unveiled recently, and now we get a report from Bloomberg that Apple is going to refresh its notebook lineup at the WWDC.


WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) is set to be held in June, at that time, Apple’s new products and updates for the existed devices will be unveiled officially Continue reading

Wannacry Attack Spread Around The World And 150 Countries Affected

In these few days, people all around the world were shocked by the most serious ransomware “Wannacry” attack the world has ever seen, till now, the cyberattack has spread to 150 countries, and the victims still continue to increase.


The ransomware “Wannacry” started its attack on last Friday afternoon, once a computer infected, the virus will lock people out of his files on the machine, and require to offer a ransom to the hackers. Continue reading

The Best Tips to Uninstall Garmin Express of 2017 – Remove It Now!

Tried to uninstall Garmin Express but kept receiving error message? Or have no idea about how to remove Garmin Express for your Mac? I promise you that this is the correct and effective tutorial which is definitely able to help you remove Garmin Express completely without any traces. The 2017 removal guides is the latest one and is better than other methods you have applied previously. It is more simple and easier to remove this Mac application for Mac users. You had better read this instruction very carefully then follow the easy steps to uninstall Garmin Express or other applications you don’t need any more on your Mac. Before we get started to learn the details of removing, let’s have a glance on this easy-to-use software.

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Uninstall ClamXav for Mac with The Best Removal Guides of 2017

Hey guys, I had not wrote a word on the blog for a couple of days and I’m back from my vacation now. I will keep sharing you with the high quality Mac technology article to help you learn more about things of Mac. Today, I’m going to show to how to uninstall ClamXav which is a kind of virus scanner for Mac. If you want to uninstall ClamXav installed on your Mac before, you can read this 2017 ClamXav removal tips to completely remove this Mac security software in just a few of minutes. You have no need to worry about the leftovers remained on the system if you follow my instructions step by step. I will tell you how to find the junk files, invalid folders out to let you clean them up without any traces.

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Microsoft Roll Out Emergency Patch For ‘Crazy Bad’ Windows Bug

Microsoft has released a patch in recently to fix a severe bug in its Microsoft Malware Protection Engine (MsMpEng), which is widely used by Windows Defender and other security products.

Windows Security Bug

So, what’s going on about this serious security issue? Just on Saturday, professional researcher Tavis Ormandy and his fellow Google Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich firstly found the vulnerability in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine Continue reading

Apple Provides Free 3-Year Repair for Smart Keyboard

Apple in recently announced to extend the free repair timeframe of iPad Smart Keyboard to three years, as the Smart Keyboards may get some “functional issues” during use.

ipad Smart Keyboard

What are “functional issues” of the Smart Keyboard

Typically, there is one-year warranty for Apple’s Smart Keyboard iPad accessory, but now, because of the potential problems inside the Keyboard Continue reading