Microsoft Is Developing a Stronger Antivirus Program Now

Microsoft is always facing a security protection issue for its computer users, and it becomes more serious and urgent in nowadays, especially when the WannaCry ransomware attacks more than 200,000 computers all around the world. And now, it starts to focus on the artificial intelligence to create a stronger antivirus program.

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How to Uninstall Android File Transfer Successfully in An Easy Way

Problems of installing and using Android File Transfer often cause the user to uninstall it on the computer, however, it’s often not so smooth for the people to uninstall Android File Transfer from their Macs, so you probably wonder an effective way to clear this application from your computer.

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Apple Music allow $99/year subscription without the gift card

Apple -Music

Apple Music adds a new option within the Music app which allows people to buy a full year of service access with $99 without the gift card.

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How can Totally Uninstall OneDrive for Mac

Can you uninstall OneDrive for good when you need to remove it from your Mac? Do you encounter any issue like many other people and unable to perform the app removal well? It’s for sure that you need some help and the correct instructions to erase this application from your Mac computer.

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Remove Sonos Controller for Your Mac, Five Simple Steps to Do That

To totally uninstall Sonos Controller on your Mac, it is highly suggested you read this article which is going to show you how to remove Sonos Controller very easily and quickly. This method has already assisted over thousands of Mac users uninstall this smart application successfully. If you have no idea about how to remove Sonos Controller, you of course can follow the tips here then you would find that it is so difficult as you might think. Most of users probably will drag the icon of Sonos Controller into the Trash and they believe that the application would be deleted completely. However, the truth is that there are many leftovers and invalid files of Sonos Controller left on the system. They absolutely will slow down the performance of users’ computer and even will bring error codes and warning messages to the system. Therefore, you should take a correct instruction to uninstall Sonos Controller or other third party applications from your Mac.

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Uninstall Malware Crusher on Mac for You – 2017 Best Guides

Malware Crusher is developed to help Windows users find out the Internet threats by scanning the whole system and remove those viruses and risks effectively. Months ago, the developer had published the Mac version of Malware Crusher to help Mac users handle up the Mac security problems. However, it seems that this kind of security software is not so popular among the Windows and Mac users because of its poor performance. Increasing numbers of people want to uninstall Malware Crusher from their computers. Most of them found that it was quite difficult to completely remove this application and some of them kept receiving error messages when trying to delete it on the computers. If you are one of the users who have the demands of removing Malware Crusher from your Mac, please follow the removal tips step by step which I’m going to introduce in this article.
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iOS 11 Brings Significant Drag and Drop Features

Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 held in last week introduced many new updates and upgrades of different Apple devices in nowadays, including the iOS 11, in developer beta testing, this new version of iOS will bring a series of new features which focus on productivity, we just talked about the new feature of saving space in the day before yesterday, and additionally a powerful Drag and Drop feature is also brought to this newer version system.

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iOS 11 New Added Features Can Save Space Significantly

Many people who get an iPhone are often in distress of the limited storage space on the device, and now this issue will be addressed significantly with the coming iOS 11, which get some new features inside that can help people to save the precious space, especially the “Offload Unused Apps” feature.

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Apple Releases New Wireless Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

In Monday, Apple released a wireless Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, and it will be sold separately for $129 at June 8 in the United States.

Apple New Wireless Magic Keyboard

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Help You Uninstall SyncMate from Your Mac In Just Minutes – 2017 Guides

If you are looking for practical removal tips for SyncMate, or if you encountered removing problems on your Mac previously, you should read this article very seriously and then follow every step introduced by experts of I ensure you that this instruction is able to help you uninstall SyncMate completely from your Mac in very short time. You have no need to worry about the leftovers of SyncMate after you uninstall the main components. These methods will show you how to find out the very specific junk files and invalid files remained on the Mac OS X.

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