eBay Will Soon Let You Shop With Photos This Fall

Have you ever been wanted to buy something you meet but don’t know how to describe it on the online shop? There is now a good news that would let you can buy something you see via uploading its photo, and this new feature will soon be available in eBay.


eBay develops and introduces two new image recognition features in recently, which allow the users to update a photo to find and purchase Continue reading

How can Uninstall Opera in A Good And Easy Way

Need help to uninstall Opera on Mac? What kind of problem troubling you to remove the web browser successfully? If you are still looking for a way to remove the application, maybe this article is helpful for you and contributes an effective way to help you get rid of it from the macOS.

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How To Back Up Your Files With Google’s Backup And Sync App

Last week, Google released a new Backup and Sync tool for Windows PCs and Macs, which enable people to back up their files more easily from the computer, if you are interested in using this application, you can learn how to back up your file with this tool on your computer now.

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How Can Uninstall Google Chrome Thoroughly Without Any Trace On Mac

Get maddened by the Google Chrome removal on your Mac? Sometimes this popular web browser may cause some issues and make people confused about why it can’t be removed successfully from the computer. If you also have a question about it, you can read this post and get to know how we can uninstall Google Chrome effectively from macOS.

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From Online to Offline, Alibaba Brings Revolutions to China Retail Space

Breaking news: “A new type of offline store opened up in HangZhou and run by Alibaba.” The most feature of such type of store is that there is no any staff working in the store and everything of it is totally automatic. In order to enhance customer experiences, Alibaba launched this experimental cashier-less store called “Tao Cafe” with their “new retail” strategy. Base on the big data technology, Tao Cafe will provide customers with amazing shopping experiences which have never seen before. Thousands of people who had visited this new, unstaffed store are satisfied with it and they give high praise to the new-type store.

However, Alibaba was not the first company to have and execute the idea. Amazon had already opened an unstaffed store in US at the end of 2016. Of course, there are many differences between Amazon’s staff-less store and Tao Cafe. Continue reading

Little Flocker Removal Guides: How Can Uninstall It Successfully

Recently, there are several people ask me an effective solution to remove Little Flocker from Mac, which make this app removal become a hot issue that difficult to be handled by the common users, so, it’s time to say something about this program and work out the best solution to remove Little Flocker from Mac.

uninstall Little Flocker

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The Best Tips for You To Uninstall K9 Web Protection for Mac

If you would like to uninstall K9 Web Protection from your Mac, you can just follow the removal guides to remove this software step by step. According to reports, nearly 40% of K9 Web Protection users have the demands of removing it on their computers especially the Mac OS X system. However, most of them encountered technical programs when trying to uninstall K9 Web Protection on the Mac. Usually, some of the Mac users would receive error messages while some of others failed to remove this application completely. Some users would choose another type of security software to replace K9 Web Protection therefore they have to remove it at first. This article contains detailed information about how to uninstall K9 Web Protection for Mac computer so it is highly recommended you read it carefully if you don’t know the correct methods on removing the software. The best instructions of 2017 which I’m going to introduce has been tested by MacUtility.com and you will find that it is quite easily to uninstall K9 Web Protection with the tips.
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Petya ransomware spreading across Europe

People and organizations all round the world just get out of WannaCry‘s serious attack, but now it seems like a new ransomware which is more malicious than the former getting start a new round of attack now.

Petya ransomware

Recently, a brand new ransomware “Petya” is spreading its attack in the world, starting from the Ukraine, it has been expand to many countries in the world, such as Spain, Israel, UK, Netherlands, Germany and United States. Continue reading