How To Remove Python From Mac Os x – Python Uninstall Guides

App uninstall instructions for how can remove Python from Mac OS X in a right way.

Program overview

Python for Mac is a high-level, interpreted and interactive programming language like Java, Perl or Scheme, it is created by Guido van Rossum usually used for general programming for the applications. So it is often used by those computer professionals and the general users rarely use this app.

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Gmail For iOS Gets New Anti-Phishing Feature For Suspicious Links

Want get more protection on iOS devices and avoid those dangerous phishing attack? Google introduced a new anti-phishing feature for Gmail on iOS devices in recently, which will display a warning when people get a suspicious link in Gmail message.

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Uninstall Dropbox from macOS without Complicated Method

Problems of removing Dropbox may annoyed many people on their Macs, and finding a good and effective way to delete it has been a conundrum among many of its users. So here, we just take some time to learn more about this application as well as the available way to uninstall Dropbox from Mac.

uninstall Dropbox from Mac

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Hackers Broke U.S. Voting Machines Within 2 Hours At Defcon

Is the important voting election on United States safe enough? Have you ever thought that the elections also might be hacked and affect the election? A new test at Las Vegas’ Defcon will tell you that it would be possible for the voting machine being hacked.

Hackers At Defcon

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