WeatherKit – The Great Weather Application for IOS

There’s a class of apps on IOS I’ve never found a satisfactory choice-weather app. My requirements for weather applications are actually not high: accurate data, no advertising, no poor design. “Accurate data” here does not mean that the weather forecast must be accurate to minutes or hours, as long as you can tell me a day in advance similar to whether tomorrow will rain, how much probability of rain such information can, most weather applications do not bad.

The key is the latter two o’clock, let me before the elimination of most of the domestic weather applications, the choice of the established CARROT weather. However, the app is 2 points bad: First, there are too many setup options. Before using the App, I had to choose what to look at and how to swing it in a very large number of data, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, ultraviolet level, and I had no idea how to choose a lot of data. Another important thing is that many of CARROT weather’s features limit areas such as rain reminders, bad weather alerts, weather radars, and more.

These factors allowed me to start thinking again about the choice of weather apps until I found the recommended Weatherkit in the U.S. app Store. The main interface of Weatherkit is simple: the current temperature and weather conditions are highlighted in large fonts in a wide range of white areas, and below the main interface is a preview of the weather today, 2nd. While being able to quickly access current weather information, this makes it easy for us to arrange our ride and itinerary according to short-term weather conditions. Pull-up cards, weatherkit and most weather applications provide data such as body temperature, air quality index, rainfall rate, humidity, visibility, etc., to meet the needs of most users for weather data.

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Moleskine Actions – The Most Pretty To Do List Application of IOS

Following the launch of the Calendar app Moleskine time page a few years ago, the Italian notebook maker Moleskine recently launched a GTD app,–Moleskine Actions, which continues the elegant design and intuitive display list of physical notebooks. At the same time, compared with the complex OmniFocus and other app, actions functions are relatively simple, the cost of getting started is not high, GTD primer users and task matters are not many friends may like.

In Actions, the task list is weekly, you can only add tasks within 7 days, and the more distant tasks are all simply and roughly attributed to the “later”, which is designed to allow you to focus on short-term tasks without bothering the distant future.

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Which Prophecies Will Become True in 2019?

Let’s talk about big company dynamics – these companies have grabbed many headlines and hot spots in 2018.

Facebook: Is there no time for Sandberg?

The Washington Post article said that Facebook had at least 21 major scandals in 2018. Whether it’s 21 or not, Facebook’s 2018 is a bit sad. Under the continuous scandal, more and more users lost confidence in Facebook and thought that the latter (and other similar companies) could not protect the privacy of users.

Who is responsible for a series of Facebook issues?

In theory, Sandberg is responsible for day-to-day operations as a COO. On the other hand, as the top leader of Facebook, he has not only been severely criticized by many technology media, but also urged to “resign quickly”. Despite this, the tight grasp of Facebook’s Sandberg has repeatedly stressed that he will not resign in negative public opinion.

Under this circumstance, many media predicted that Sandberg will leave the old club that has been working for more than ten years in 2019. After all, she will also take CXO level positions in other companies and also repair her personal image. .

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Welcome to The Era of “No Privacy” – You Maybe Tracked Hundreds Times A Day

On January 21, local time, according to evidence provided by the French National Data Protection Council (CNIL), Google’s user agreement violated the General Data Protection Regulation (the General Data Protection Regulation) that was updated in Europe in 2018. ), French regulators fined Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc for 50 million euros!

This is the highest amount of penalties that a company has suffered in violation of the Privacy Data Act in Europe to date. When a number of English-language technology media reported, they used “record high” (breaking record high) to describe the penalties.

According to the latest regulations in Europe, Google has a lot of specific projects. For example, the complete information of the data collection information is opaque, the user does not understand the situation data collection, data processing and storage time, etc., not all appear in the same location, the Google search engine does not obtain the user’s consent to collect targeted advertising data, and so on.

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3 Easy Steps to Help You Make Your Mac Run Like New One!

View remaining space
The only way to see the rest of your Mac is to simply click on the Apple menu in the top right corner and select “About this Mac” > click on “Storage Space”. Not only can you view the used storage space and the remaining space, but the system will also sort the used space, so that you can clear the file that knows what type it is “occupying” your computer.
Native cleaning method
In the above storage management page, click “Manage” to use the official method to clean up the Mac space. At this point, you can find that there are four line selections, including “stored in iCloud”, “optimized storage space”, “automatically empty the trash” and “avoid mess”.
Click “Save in iCloud”, the system will keep the files you have recently opened on the desktop and in the manuscript. If you have not opened it for a long time, it will be uploaded to iCloud and delete the original file on Mac.

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Want to unsubscribe from advertising messages? Try this free mail client

Third-party mail clients always have a place to impress users, such as  Spark  ‘s smart inbox, Airmail’s  rich scalability, Outlook  ‘s calendar function and more. Edison Mail touched me with the characteristics of one-click unsubscribe mail. After downloading and using it for a while, I found that the highlight of Edison Mail is not limited to this.

 One-click unsubscribe mail

Presumably, you are also like me. When you register some websites with your mailbox, you don’t care about the default email push, and you will naturally receive many marketing emails. In order to clean up these emails, it is very time-consuming and labor-intensive to unsubscribe from an email. Fortunately, you can unsubscribe with Edison Mail with one click, without fear of any trouble.

The reason why you can unsubscribe so easily is that Edison Mail has created a template for unsubscribing emails in advance, and it will automatically send unsubscribe emails whenever you click on the Unsubscribe-style icon in Edison Mail’s Subscription.

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Simple and fast image recording
“” takes care of both professionalism and simplicity, and can be used quickly for the average user.
Before you can use, you must register for a free account so that our time history can be automatically synchronized.
Then, we can customize the activities we often perform on the “Events” homepage of “”, or the action that wants to record the time, so that you can start recording time by clicking the button on the homepage.

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Find the Beautiful Fonts for Designing? 12 Utilities Give You Many A Free Fonts

Translator by:
According to famous designer Oliver Reichenstein, 95% of the information on the Internet is text. Designing good-looking words is not as simple as I thought. This article will introduce 12 font tools, hoping to help you capture more inspiration for font design.
The “content first” design strategy is known and recognized by more and more designers. “How to design a good looking font?” has become an important part of the design.

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Listen to Podcast – The Free and Nice Look Podcast App

There is no shortage of excellent third-party podcast apps on iOS, from Overcast to Castro to Agora 2, and these podcast apps are designed with great emphasis on design and experience. Today, I recommend the Listen to Podcast, which is also a high-value podcast application. Its background uses a combination of black and gradient colors. The gesture-based interactive design also makes the application experience more natural and smooth.

The Listen to Podcast gesture is very simple. You can switch between the “My Library” and “New Episodes” pages by swiping the edges, and swiping to the left to add a show. However, compared to Agora2 , a podcast application that also uses gesture design  , the effect of Listen to Podcast is much weaker. In addition, it may be because the iOS and Android versions of Listen to Podcast use the same design style, and the application as a whole gives a “mashup” feeling. Continue reading

The World’s First AI Painting Sold Millions Dollars!

Before saying today’s topic, let’s guess how much the painting sold?

Before you announce the answer, let’s take a look at other paintings:

(Image courtesy of Wired, copyright TOM SIMONITE)

How about these abstract art seascapes?

Can you see what this is?

To say that these paintings have something in common, that is: they are all made by artificial intelligence! Yes, AI can also paint. And the price of this painting is not necessarily cheaper than famous paintings… Continue reading