Net Runner – The More Smart App with AI to Record People’s Age and BMI is an AI-driven medical research support company whose goal is to enable people to collect and own all their medical data on their mobile phones, get personalized medical advice, and use a wealth of real-world data to help accelerate medical research projects.

For individual users,’s approach can solve two problems compared to the status quo: first, personal medical information is more comprehensive, more complete, and more accurate ; second, clear medical information ownership , so that medical information is generated. one can really have their own medical information, and can through independent share, contribute their valuable medical information, to obtain the corresponding reward . Continue reading

Anatova Ransomware – 2019 New Type of Virus Attacks Global Networks

According to foreign media reports, a new type of ransomware is infecting users around the world, pretending to be apps or games, tricking users into downloading and launching. Anatova ransomware first appeared on January 1, 2019. According to the analysis of the code, the hacking experience of distributing the software is very rich.

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No-Phase Browser: Allow you Visit WebPages with Better Experience

When we use a mobile browser, it is always disturbed by a variety of factors. Such as spicy eye ads, messy layouts, and poor design. But iOS has always lacked the ability to transform web pages.

As a full-time programmer, I have worked on a variety of websites and apps, both of which have great structural similarities. And the experience brought by the app is often better than the website. So I just wonder why not make an app that can convert a website into an app? After many quick brain-hole collisions, I brought a “no-phase” browser that allows you to focus on browsing and reading and have a native app experience.

What can be done with “no phase”?

When we open a web page, we are more inclined to focus on the most important information, even just want to see them, no need for extra decoration. “No phase” can help you do this. First, it will identify the most important information on the web page through “phase.”

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Launchaco – Free Online Logo Maker to Make Logo Easily

Today I’m going to introduce a new logo customization software that automatically helps you match fonts, colors, and patterns with AI calculus to generate multiple designs of logos.

This tool is called Launchchao – Free Online Logo Maker. It comes from the Launchachco service. In addition to the latest Logo auto-design tools, this site has also been introduced: automatically recommend your company name URL, automatic design product Landing Page and more. It is quite well known abroad.(For its video info, you can visit here directly: (

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Bandizip:Your Last Windows Compression/Decompression Software

Referring to the compression software of the Windows platform, people often think of the old WinRAR, open source free 7-Zip, domestic kuaizip, good pressure, 360 compression and so on, and even the tears of the era WinZip. Compression software has been seldom noticed as a very basic tool software and homogenization of similar products. As long as there are no major defects, people will continue to use it now.

But in fact, there are better experiences and choices in decompressing this matter.

Why was Bandizip

Bandizip is a Windows platform compression software developed by Korean developer Bandisoft (with macOS version, but the fee is too simple, so it is not recommended) . The developer’s more famous product is their Bandicam recording software. But unlike the paid Bandicam, Bandizip is a completely free, commercially available software.

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How to Upgrade to macOS Mojave? 2019 Guides for You to Do That Easily

I believe that only by the dark mode debuted on the WWDC, macOS Mojave has caused many people to tickle for a long time, but the previous developer preview version has a little installation threshold, and we often see fans who ask for description files. Now that the public beta is released, everyone has a chance to try the latest macOS Mojave.

Upgrade macOS Mojave public beta

I finally got the upgrade step. After doing the backup work, you can rest assured.

Log in to the Apple Beta program website and select macOS in “Register your device”.

Click “Download macOS Public Beta Access Tool” in “Register Your Mac”.

Open the dmg image you just downloaded, open the pkg file, and follow the prompts to install the description file.

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5 New Applications That We Recommend You Try Them on Your Devices

This week we have selected 9 apps worthy of attention for you, so let’s see what you are interested in.

Storyluxe: Vintage paper come out of

With the improvement of the public aesthetics, the puzzle applications that will make the amount of information on the screen seem to have been improved for a long time, but this Storyluxe, which was recommended for the new app in the App Store last week, is still worth seeing. Storyluxe placed the picture in a piece of retro photographic paper, arranged in an orderly manner, and seemed to reveal some retro flavor. The border alone may not be enough to blend the picture, retro filters are also required, and uniform filters can better coordinate different picture materials. Continue reading

StepBeats – An Amazing Apps for You to Listen Music While Running

Choosing a rhythm-appropriate song list while running is not a simple job because the rhythm of the music and the frequency of your pace during running are rarely consistent. If there is a kind of music that can follow the frequency of our running, it is better to automatically adjust your rhythm. StepBeats can do this.

Opening the StepBeats is a bunch of dynamic green balls that are slamming around the screen, and their movements are calculated based on the iPhone’s movement status. Touch the screen while running, the dynamic music will be automatically generated, and it will adjust bpm (music speed, ie how many beats per minute) according to your gait so that the dynamic music and your pace are in harmony.

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Just One Minute, You Can Watch the Weather without Unlocking the iPhone.

Speaking of the weather lock screen, or everyone will remember the classic features of HTC Sense.
But in fact, this feature can also be implemented on iOS. It will let you know today’s weather conditions at the beginning of the day.

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Anki – The Amazing Tools Which Helps You Remember Everything Easily

When learning a new language or subject, mastering some basic knowledge through memory is a hurdle that every learner must take. Like other Japanese learners, Damien Elmes must also cope with the pain of remembering words. Fortunately, he learned about Flashcard (Flashcard) software Supermemo from the beginning. However, Supermemo is a commercial software of Windows only. The degree of freedom of function is poor, and the memory algorithm is constantly adjusted and more complicated. This made Damien Elmes, a computer science major and using Linux, unbearable.

He started to do it himself and knocked down the line of code to create a perfect auxiliary memory software. Finally, he has already studied in Japan, giving the software a Japanese name – Anki (“Memory” in Japanese.) Anki’s unique cards and decks, despite the shell of the “Flashcard” software, It is to transform unfamiliar knowledge into a form that is easy for you to understand. Learning and reviewing knowledge through it not only accomplishes short-term reciting tasks, but also cultivates our brain’s memory for a long time. Continue reading