Still Using the Calculator that Comes with The iPhone? This App Is Better Than It

Elegant UI

Kalkyl’s UI is not a creature, but at least clean and concise, similar to the self-contained calculator design kind and natural, easy to get started.

The “2nd” button is a feature, and the switching design of the general calculator and the scientific calculator distinguishes it from a crowded, cramped hemp face calculator. Continue reading

What are the format conversion tools available for Windows? We helped you collect these 5

I believe that everyone in the daily work of life, more or less will encounter the need to convert documents problems. At this time through the major search engines to find tools, it is easy to encounter a variety of advertising, or a single function is not easy to use software, or even malware and viruses. This article hopes to prepare you for future needs by sharing a few of the file conversion tools that I have often used.

▍ All-Around Format conversion tool: Format factory

I believe that many people want to have a “once and for All”, everything can be converted to the file Format conversion tool, then the format factory will be a very good choice. Format Factory can convert video, audio, pictures, documents, CDs and other files, without any command line and dependencies, out of the box. Continue reading

Recommend You This “File Transfer Station”. You will Easily Transfer file between Cell Phone and PC

Yoink is a “file staging” tool that can be understood as a temporary shelf, a term derived from The Simpsons, which shouts a “Yoink!” whenever something is caught from someone else, and the function of the app is the same, You can “grab” what you need to Yoink, and you can delete it after you use it, just as it’s introduced: “The best shelf app on Ios”.

And Yoink released iOS 2.0 a while ago, adding iCloud and Handoff sync, and adding night mode to make it a step closer to a better use. Continue reading

Save the “Dirty” Page! This Plugin Provides You Refreshing, ad-free Reading Experience

If you open a web page like this …

Menus, ads, Banner, Logos, messy colors may suddenly make you feel dizzy, and even the interest in reading is greatly reduced.
Obviously is want to see the content, so many scattered elements on the Internet not bothered!

Today is a Chrome plugin that lets you experience a refreshing, ad-free thrill when reading a website like this. Named Fika, this plugin is designed to quickly convert your Web pages into reading mode and enjoy a Kindle-like look.

Easy to use, after opening the Web page, gently click on the plug-in icon, a converted format of the page will be displayed in front of the eyes. The actual experience, the speed of conversion is very fast, in the same type of plug-in has the advantage. Continue reading

Steam Praise Rate History First, Won the Independent Game Award! What exactly is the Fun of This “Push Box” Game?

“Baba is You” in Steam’s 795 user reviews only 6 poor reviews, 99.2% of the praise rate means that it has actually gone beyond the story of the KEY Sheqi downstream play “star Dream” 98.9% praise rate, in the official release half a month after the success of the top Steam historical reputation list first Name (although it may be shown in second place due to an algorithm or data update problem). However, if you try, the game designer will soon tell you who is the real “Dad”–Comment area The most common comment is “I think I have a mental problem.” Continue reading