100 Skills for Mac You Might Want to Learn – Part 1

Hey guys, from today I will bring you a series of 100 skills for Mac. If you are new to Mac OS or if you are inexperienced with Mac computer problems, I ensure you that you will learn useful tips about how to get more efficiency with your Mac.

1. Use the preview to directly modify the picture size
Do you still use PS or install software to modify picture size? Double-click the picture to open with Preview, and then select Tool-Resize…to modify the resolution size of the picture. You can keep the picture scale unchanged, and you can see the size change of the picture before and after the modification.

2. Can’t find a location to save a file?
If you save the file, you can’t find the location you want to save by choosing the save location drop-down. You can click on the small arrow to the right of the position to see the complete Mac local file directory.
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Android 11 Update: The Multitasking Interface has Changed a lot with New Features

In the early hours of April 24, Google released the third developer preview version of Android 11 (android 11 DP3). Although DP3 includes several developer-oriented development tools and new API interfaces as the last developer preview version before the public beta goes live, we can still discover some notable features and design details when we swipe into the experience.

New multi-tasking interface with “regret medicine”

Multitasking interfaces are perhaps one of the most frequently interacted with us each day, so after updating to Android 11 DP3, many people should be able to see the biggest change in DP3 compared to previous versions – multitasking interfaces.

In Android 11 DP3, control elements in the multitasking interface are further streamlined, and the search box and prediction apps at the bottom of the Android 10 interface are removed. Instead, it’s a larger, single-app task card, with screenshots and share buttons in the left and right corners.

Personally, this may signal the evolution of the Android 11 multitasking interface, but it’s clear what the two buttons at the bottom should put. Screenshot button can directly intercept the current task card application interface, then reach out to the power key and volume reduction of the physical screenshot scheme is much simple and fast, but the captured picture does not contain the status bar and the bottom navigation bar; Continue reading

Uninstall Adobe Illustrator for Mac with 2020 Removal Guides

Some people perhaps would have questions like this: “Why should I uninstall Adobe Illustrator from my Mac computer? Adobe Illustrator is my must-have software for the Mac!” Yeah, I believe thousands of Mac users have already installed Adobe Illustrator and get many assistants from it. I’m not talking that you need to uninstall Adobe Illustrator for the Mac. Actually, it is not necessary to remove functional applications like Adobe series products unless you don’t use it anymore or find others to replace it. However, under some specific situations, you might want to uninstall Adobe Illustrator. For example:

  • You don’t want to renew the premium version of Adobe Illustrator any more.
  • You keep receiving error messages when trying to launch this application.
  • For some reasons that you need to reinstall this soft then you should uninstall it firstly

Adobe Illustrator Overview

Adobe Illustrator for Mac is the vector graphics classics in the design industry. It is a digital environment that allows users to deliver prominent results in typesetting and logo graphic areas of design. It is published by Adobe Systems and provides a free trial version. Used by design professionals worldwide, Adobe Illustrator software provides precision and power with sophisticated drawing tools, expressive natural brushes, and a host of time-savers. Whether users are working on logo design, icons, infographics, or any other type of design project, they can quickly access all of the options they need to produce a professional-grade product.

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New iPhone SE Tells Us: 64GB Phones Aren’t Out of Date

Recently, when I was writing about cell phones, I found it is interesting that although the configuration of the phone is constantly improving, we still can see 64GB of new machines this year.
As we use our phones more and more frequently every day, social content, life tools, photos, videos, and music are stored on our phones, and cell phone storage capacity has changed from double digits in the past to three or even four digits today, comparable to a small computer.

Compared with the huge storage capacity of 256, 512GB, and 1TB, the 64GB capacity, which was the “top” of the phone five years ago, is very small. However, despite the growing need for storage space, we can still see vendors continuing to offer 64GB of this configuration. I once asked on twitter, “Is anyone still buying a 64GB phone?” To my surprise, there are a lot of people who will buy in those 41 comments.

I used to think the 256GB phone on hand was enough, but the years after that, WeChat content, tens of thousands of photos, hundreds of videos, dozens of apps took me back from fantasy.
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Uninstall VideoPad for Mac – 2020 Guides to Remove VideoPad

To completely uninstall VideoPad for Mac, you have a lot of skills to learn. Most of the Mac users believe the Mac built-in uninstaller can remove the applications thoroughly for them. However, the truth is that “moving apps to the Trash” can not clean up the leftovers including junk files, invalid files, useless caches, and other relevant files. If you want to make your Mac always run at its optimal performance, you should learn how to maintain the Mac-OS and cultivate good habits of using on your computer. This post would show you the best methods of 2020 about how to uninstall VideoPad for Mac. And moreover, I will share with you some practical tips on swiping leftovers manually. If you don’t want to uninstall VideoPad by yourself, you can follow the auto method we pick up for you to help you remove this movie-editing software with ease. The thing you only need to do is simply click a few buttons.

VideoPad for Mac Overview

VideoPad is a kind of movie-editing software published by NCH Software Company. VideoPad has two versions one is for Windows while the other supports Mac OS. VideoPad for Mac allows users to create and edit videos quickly and easily by offering a range of professional video editing functions that enable the creation of decent enough videos. VideoPad supports major formats of videos including .avi, .wmv, .3gp, .wmv, .divx as well as several others. It looks just like most other good video editors, with multiple panels in the middle and the timeline at the bottom. The interface is generally minimalistic, with big and clearly laid-out buttons. Users also can choose different chroma key colors and adjust background and foreground opaqueness.

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2020 Excellent Recording Software for Mac – Highly Recommend

System recording shortcuts

As a very useful feature of macOS 10.14, you can start recording with the shortcut key s-Shift-5.

You can record the entire screen desktop or only a selected area.

QuickTime Player

QuickTime had a recording feature for such a long time.

You can also choose whether to capture sound simultaneously through the microphone. However, the system cannot record built-in sound by default. However, this can be done by installing the plug-in Soundflower.

Connect inge to your iPhone via a cable, and you can also record your iPhone screen with QuickTime Player without the unsightly red recording status of your own iOS record screen. It’s also easy to put on display as an iPhone. Continue reading

2020 Must-Have Applications for Mac OS Computer

MacUtility Team picks up several amazing mac essential software for you and some of which are well known to the public while some of them are rarely known by people. They all are very powerful, and very beautifully produced must-have software. If you are a new Mac user, it is highly recommended you download the applications introduced below to get more fun on the Mac OSX.

1.Pap.er for Mac (4k HD wallpaper software)

pap.er mac version is a 4K, 5K HD wallpaper app designed for mac users, so you can enjoy fresh and beautiful wallpapers from all over the world every day! Pap.er has a beautiful interface, automatic exchange of wallpapers, thousands of beautiful wallpapers you choose.

2. SpyHunter(Mac optimization software)

A good macOS garbage cleaning tool can be said to be a human-needed tool. As a powerful Mac system optimization cleaning tool SpyHunteris a good word of mouth, strength, sales, its features are very rich and comprehensive, called macOS system cleanup and optimization of the super sharp tool.
Get your first 3 moths for free!

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Uninstall WhatSize – 2020 Guides to Remove WhatSize for Mac, 100% Work

Here comes the latest tutorial which helps you completely uninstall WhatSize for Mac. I believe that is the most comprehensive removal methods in 2020 because it contains manual removal tips and auto removal methods so that you can choose one of them as you like. With these step by step tips, you would learn how to uninstall WhatSize thoroughly and how to delete the invalid residual junk files after you remove the application. You should realize that it is very important and necessary to clean up the rubbishes otherwise you probably would encounter tech problems including slow performance, freeze, and other potential risks on your Mac computer in the future. Now, let’s see how to have this application removed from your Mac OS safely and completely.

WhatSize Overview

WhatSize is developed and published by ID-Design company. It is a kind of computer maintenance tool that can help users clean out unnecessary items. Users are allowed to measure the size in bytes of a given folder and all subfolders and files within it. They would easily detect and find out all useless files hidden on the Mac computer. While the app is measuring a folder the user can browse the files within that folder and immediately see the size in bytes. They can decide which useless files should be removed right away. WhatSize offers browser, outline, table, and pie chart views. After deciding what users want to delete, they can utilize the cleaner, duplicate finder, and delocalizer. The latest version of WhatSize is Version 7.4.1, and this version provides users with more powerful functions including implemented export as TSV, addressed issues related to Apple files system and addressed move to Trash issue.

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Do You Still Remember “Talking Tom “?

Do you believe that the cat has been with people for 10 years? If you’re interested in casual hand tours, you’re no stranger to talking Tom’s cat. This gray-and-white, silly-looking cat will shake its head on your phone screen, repeat every word you have said in a strange tone like a smile, and make you laugh with a sharp voice and some of your dosing attitude.
It’s not smart, it’s not even cute, but people still can’t stop it.

This “talking cat” was born in 2010, and now, 10 years later, what has it become? Continue reading

Roostoo – An Easy-to-Use Crypto Exchange Simulator for Bitcon

Today I have an application that I want to share with you which is named “Roostoo”. It is not famous and I bet you never heard about this application definitely because its downloads in Google Play store are only hundreds. And why I’m going to recommend this kind of little-known software because after the trail using, I find it is very easy and simple for rookies. If you would like to learn the basic knowledge of investment, you choose Roostoo as your first teacher.

The official introduction is “Roostoo is a simulated cryptographic trading simulator for people who want to gain experience with cryptocurrencies.” Practice trading for free with real-time market data. “At the moment cryptocurrencies are starting to come into view, and more and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies. This is accompanied by the anxiety and fear that others don’t understand about cryptocurrencies, and Roostoo has developed it in response to the needs and anxieties of users. Roostoo provides a free place to learn about cryptocurrency investments by combining real-time trading data to simulate a real trading environment that allows users to learn how to invest in a real business environment. Roosto, meanwhile, has partnered with a number of college clubs to co-host online mock-trade competitions. Continue reading