Airbar Enables Touchscreen On MacBook Now

Still keeping patient and waiting for the Apple releasing a laptop with touchscreen now? Is this feature really important or useful for you? There is no need to wait now, because there is a new product that can provide the touchscreen on MacBook Air now.


AirBar is a new computer accessory developed by Neonode company, it is a tool that enables the touchscreen function on the compatible computer, currently the 13-inch MacBook Air. There is a short wire of the tool which used to connect to the MacBook via plugging in the computer’s USB port, and its camouflage-like design will make many users forget that it is a separate part of the machine.

Although it is a great design which meets many MacBook users’ needs, there is still a long way to go until it become a good-to-use accessory on the Mac, this is because there are still some disadvantages and shortcoming of using the tool on the computer, such as it is not so sensitive when working on the top of the screen, and a tiny delay of the finger tap being acted on the screen and etc. If you are very interested in this new product, you can preorder on its official’s website, and it is also soon be available on Amazon for $99.