AirPods Wireless Charging Box Will Be Thicken and Weigh

Twitter user Max Weinbach today blasted that the airpower wireless charging pillow and AirPods wireless charging box would go on sale in the coming months.

Max Weinbach also mentioned the features of some AirPods wireless charging cartridges. He said that AirPods in the wireless charging box, only 15 minutes can be charged from 0% to 100%, this speed can be said to be very fast.

The current AirPods is in a wired charging box, and a 15-minute charge can provide 3 hours of battery life. However, thanks to the integration of Qi coils, the AirPods wireless charging box will thicken and weigh, while it will grow longer.

The AirPods 2 design is somewhat similar to Apple pencil 2, and the smooth surface turns into a matte texture. Finally, Max Weinbach also mentioned that iOS 13 does not add dark mode and dark mode will arrive in iOS 13.1.