Be Cautious When Using Flash Player Because of the Latest Mac Malware

Apple’s Mac system has been dominated by ultra-high security, few Apple users can do their own computer poisoning, The Mac also does not have a computer butler and the need for anti-virus software this statement.

But in recent days, security research firm Intego discovered the latest Mac malware OSX/CrescentCore, which was signed with Apple’s developer ID, and Apple doesn’t consider it malware.

OSX/CrescentCore’s intrusion is simple, and hackers typically masquerade websites as free video, TV, music, and other websites, allowing them to actively turn on the Flash player, and then download OSX/CrescentCore malware in the name of a Flash player update.

And OSX/CrescentCore virus is very intelligent, has a mechanism to prevent security researchers from discovering, automatically detects whether is in the virtual machine and whether anti-virus software is installed on the computer, if confirmed in the virtual machine or after the antivirus software, OSX/CrescentCore will not have any malicious behavior.

It just so happens that auditors use virtual machines to run checks for these programs.

But the virus is hard for most regular users, as almost all popular sites have stopped relying on Flash. Adobe also announced that it will stop publishing Flash security updates after July 2020.

The OSX/CrescentCore malware uses apple developer ID signatures, which Apple is believed to disable it soon.

Auto Method to Remove OSX/CrescentCore virus with Mac Antivirus

Be tired of the complicated instructions above? They are absolutely time-consuming guides to remove malware for Mac computers. Why not remove OSX/CrescentCore virus and protect your macOS with a smart method?

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Step 3. Click “Remove All Threats” after the reports displayed.

Step 4. Combo Cleaner Antivirus will now remove all the malicious files that it has found. To complete the malware removal process, you should restart your Mac.