Android 11 Update: The Multitasking Interface has Changed a lot with New Features

In the early hours of April 24, Google released the third developer preview version of Android 11 (android 11 DP3). Although DP3 includes several developer-oriented development tools and new API interfaces as the last developer preview version before the public beta goes live, we can still discover some notable features and design details when we swipe into the experience.

New multi-tasking interface with “regret medicine”

Multitasking interfaces are perhaps one of the most frequently interacted with us each day, so after updating to Android 11 DP3, many people should be able to see the biggest change in DP3 compared to previous versions – multitasking interfaces.

In Android 11 DP3, control elements in the multitasking interface are further streamlined, and the search box and prediction apps at the bottom of the Android 10 interface are removed. Instead, it’s a larger, single-app task card, with screenshots and share buttons in the left and right corners.

Personally, this may signal the evolution of the Android 11 multitasking interface, but it’s clear what the two buttons at the bottom should put. Screenshot button can directly intercept the current task card application interface, then reach out to the power key and volume reduction of the physical screenshot scheme is much simple and fast, but the captured picture does not contain the status bar and the bottom navigation bar; Continue reading

New iPhone SE Tells Us: 64GB Phones Aren’t Out of Date

Recently, when I was writing about cell phones, I found it is interesting that although the configuration of the phone is constantly improving, we still can see 64GB of new machines this year.
As we use our phones more and more frequently every day, social content, life tools, photos, videos, and music are stored on our phones, and cell phone storage capacity has changed from double digits in the past to three or even four digits today, comparable to a small computer.

Compared with the huge storage capacity of 256, 512GB, and 1TB, the 64GB capacity, which was the “top” of the phone five years ago, is very small. However, despite the growing need for storage space, we can still see vendors continuing to offer 64GB of this configuration. I once asked on twitter, “Is anyone still buying a 64GB phone?” To my surprise, there are a lot of people who will buy in those 41 comments.

I used to think the 256GB phone on hand was enough, but the years after that, WeChat content, tens of thousands of photos, hundreds of videos, dozens of apps took me back from fantasy.
Although I delete useless content every once in a while, it just leaves a few gigabytes of space for my phone. Seeing the remaining capacity value of the phone change from 90 to 70 and then 30, I am also quick to develop a “capacity anxiety disorder”. Continue reading

The New ‌Smart Keyboard‌ Folio Makes 2020 iPad Pro Better

When the new iPad Pro and iPhone SE were released, they were both “grabbed” by the same character – the iPad Pro’s smart keyboard with a trackpad.

The new hover structure design, a 1mm keylit keyboard, its own trackpad and USB-C interface, this different control keyboard has caused a lot of discussion on the Internet since its release, because the official provided little parameter information, so the details and experience of using this keyboard are very curious. Didn’t expect the original plan to release in May it is the day of the release of the iPhone SE synchronous sale, I believe that many people have received a new keyboard today, we got a quick start to experience, sortout a few of the most concerned about the issues, to the audience is still watching to provide a reference.

How much does the iPad Pro keyboard have?

That’s the biggest concern for many, with the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard, the same external material as the keyboard-style Smart Keyboard Folio, with a measured 12.9-inch disc weighing about 699g, plus the iPad Pro weighing about 1300g, the same as the MacBook Air.

But the overall thickness of the iPad Pro is not as thick as you think when you’re fitted, and it’s basically the same as the keyboard-style smart double-sided clip. The width is only one more hinge than the smart double-sided clip, less than 1cm.

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Daily News – Coronavirus May Outbreak Circularly / New iPhone 3D Modeling Map Exposure

Harvard: Coronavirus 19 May Circularly Outbreak
Recently, the Harvard School of Public Health said that less effective “one-off” social alienation could lead to a long-term peak of new coronaepidemics. The study, through modeling analysis, suggests that until 2022, the U.S. may need to perform “intermittent” social alienation interventions unless the ability to intensive care is significantly improved or special-effects drugs or vaccines are available.

Nearly a thousand new cases in a single day in Singapore
Recently, the outbreak in Europe and the United States has shown signs of improvement, while Singapore, which has previously had a clear impact on the epidemic, has continued to worsen since April. On April 18, Singapore confirmed 942 new crown cases, all locally infected, setting a new single-day record. This is the 12th consecutive day of new cases in Singapore, singapore has confirmed a cumulative total of 5992 cases.
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Apple Releases New iPhone SE,High Cost Performance – Daily News

In the spring of 2016, as the phone’s screen was moving towards 6 inches, Apple suddenly released an iPhone with a 4-inch screen. The small-screen iPhone is called the iPhone SE, and according to Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller, who explained to CNET at the time, “SE” means “Special Edition” (special version).

Why did Apple launch this “special iPhone”?

Phil Schiller didn’t say it at the time, but there’s a lot special about the phone. It still has a 4-inch screen, but it has the same flagship performance, and it’s the only small-screen iPhone with rose gold, and the last iPhone to use a 3.5mm headphone hole.
Although the iPhone SE will be discontinued as early as 2018, we will always see the expectations of its successor in the comments section for the rest of the year.
Perhaps this is its “special” charm.

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Daily News – Apple’s Second-Generation HomePod Exposured / OnePlus 8 Series Officially Released / Switch adds Game Data Transfer Function

Apple’s second-generation HomePod exposed
Recently, Mark Gurman brought the news of the second-generation HomePod. It is reported that the development of the new HomePod has been started for a few months, and the volume is only half of the previous generation. In order to meet the challenges of Amazon’s smart speakers, the price is also more competitive.

A12Z chip confirmed the same design as A12X
Recently, chip analysis expert TechInsights said that it confirmed that the design of the Apple A12Z chip is the same as the A12X equipped with the third-generation iPad Pro. Both A12Z and A12X are manufactured using a 7nm process, with the same CPU and running memory configuration. The A12Z uses an 8-core GPU design, while the A12X is a 7-core GPU design. However, A12X also has an 8-core GPU, but Apple did not activate the last core.

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Daily News – Full New Design for iPhone 12 /Prices of Second-hand Switch in Japan Rise-up /OPPO Ace2 Were Released Officially

Full New Design for iPhone 12

Recently, Bloomberg reported that Apple will release four new iPhone 12 series products this year, at least two of which will adopt a “hard” design style similar to the iPad Pro bezel. Bloomberg also confirmed previous rumors that the bangs are narrower. The recently leaked design drawings show that the bangs of the iPhone 12 are one-third narrower than the iPhone 11.

HomePod operating system is based on tvOS
Recently, we have checked the code related to the HomePod system and confirmed that the HomePod operating system is now developed based on tvOS instead of iOS. Before this, HomePod software was developed based on the operating systems on iPhone and iPad, and now HomePod software is developed based on tvOS. Since the core of the operating system is the same, this has not caused a fundamental change in the way HomePod works.

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iPhone 11? New iPhone Release:Date, Price and other leaks

New iPhone schematic leak, it might be iPhone 11

There is a newly leaked iPhone schematic on Twitter that shows the new iPhone XR. From the picture, the phone rear-shaped three-camera, with the previous rumored iPhone 11 matches. Apple is now widely believed to be launching three new Iphones this year, and the Wall Street Journal says only one will use a similar three-camera design, and the iPhone 11, as an upgraded version of the iPhone XR, may continue to use a dual-camera design.

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Apple Releases 3 Revolutionary New Products

Apple held its spring launch in Steve Jobs Theater in the early hours of this morning, and after three consecutive days of “online launches” last week, Apple did not release any content related to the new hardware, releasing only Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ three subscription service and one credit card Apple card.

▍Apple News+: New 300+ Magazine

The first new service announced by Tim Cook at this spring launch is Apple News ‘ upgraded version of Apple News+. In this service, Apple News has added more than 300 magazines covering the areas of politics, fashion, gastronomy, sports, tourism, entertainment and science and technology, including time, the new Yorker, Vogue, ELLE, ESPN, Vanity Fair, National Geographic and other well-known magazines, as well as traditional press publishers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles times.

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Apple Pencil paired with these 6 Apps to get your iPad Pro worth back to fare

The new iPad Pro screen is visually larger, and the operation of the new Apple Pencil, which supports magnetic suction, has become more efficient, with two taps of the pen to activate additional functionality, providing a better experience for users who create content with the iPad.

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