Reported Big Bugs of FaceTime, This Kid Receives a Prize Up to $200,000!

If you are also a fans of Apple, then you must know the apple of the screen before the “eavesdropping” loophole-when someone calls FaceTime to you, even if you have not answered, as long as the other side of the third person to join the group call, you can also hear your voice, and you know nothing about it.

For a moment, the loophole spread across the net, killing Apple off guard. Unlike the previous “system vulnerabilities were discovered and attacked by hackers”, this system loophole is a high school student playing mobile phone “play” out-Arizona, State’s 14-year-old high school student Grant Thompson is playing “Fortress Night” friends to call “group Open Black”, inadvertently found this shocking bug. Grant’s mother hurriedly “screenshot-video screen-write Mail” Operation three company, the first time to report the vulnerability content to Apple, and hurriedly sent a tweet @ Apple after-sales and Fox News, to ensure that the whole network (and the media) can prove that their son is the first loophole discovery. Continue reading

Use Apple Pencil with These Applications, You Will Find A New World!

The new ipad Pro screen is visually larger, and the operation of the new Apple pencil, which supports magnetic suction, has become more efficient, with two taps of the pen to activate additional functionality, providing a better experience for users who create content with the IPad.

As a very creative tool, the IPAD often has a different beauty than the average person under the painter’s command. Continue reading

Just One Minute, You Can Watch the Weather without Unlocking the iPhone.

Speaking of the weather lock screen, or everyone will remember the classic features of HTC Sense.
But in fact, this feature can also be implemented on iOS.┬áIt will let you know today’s weather conditions at the beginning of the day.

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New iPad Pro Can Bend with Bare Hands? This is the Truth!

In the past few months, in addition to the iPhone sales did not meet expectations, Apple also encountered some controversy in product quality, that is, the 2018 iPad Pro will “bend” problem.
This “bending” storm was originally derived from a test video on YouTube(Pad Pro Bends. So Does Every Tablet…). A broadcaster named JerryRigEverything often tests the quality of electronic devices with extreme methods such as fire roasting and knife scraping. In November last year, the 2018 iPad Pro was split in half by his hands.
According to JerryRigEverything, he feels that the outer casing of the new iPad Pro is not as strong as we think. On the one hand, it is easy to leave scratches without a protective cover, and on the other hand, it will be affected by external forces. Bending condition.

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Apple Ready To Compete With Microsoft And Google With Cheaper iPads

What kind of product you will expect for Apple in this new year? As the first major product event of this tech giant on Tuesday in Chicago, it seems like they focus more on the competition on campus with Microsoft and Google, and ready to release a cheaper iPad next week.

Apple cheaper iPad

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