Recommend You This “File Transfer Station”. You will Easily Transfer file between Cell Phone and PC

Yoink is a “file staging” tool that can be understood as a temporary shelf, a term derived from The Simpsons, which shouts a “Yoink!” whenever something is caught from someone else, and the function of the app is the same, You can “grab” what you need to Yoink, and you can delete it after you use it, just as it’s introduced: “The best shelf app on Ios”.

And Yoink released iOS 2.0 a while ago, adding iCloud and Handoff sync, and adding night mode to make it a step closer to a better use. Continue reading

Save the “Dirty” Page! This Plugin Provides You Refreshing, ad-free Reading Experience

If you open a web page like this …

Menus, ads, Banner, Logos, messy colors may suddenly make you feel dizzy, and even the interest in reading is greatly reduced.
Obviously is want to see the content, so many scattered elements on the Internet not bothered!

Today is a Chrome plugin that lets you experience a refreshing, ad-free thrill when reading a website like this. Named Fika, this plugin is designed to quickly convert your Web pages into reading mode and enjoy a Kindle-like look.

Easy to use, after opening the Web page, gently click on the plug-in icon, a converted format of the page will be displayed in front of the eyes. The actual experience, the speed of conversion is very fast, in the same type of plug-in has the advantage. Continue reading

Steam Praise Rate History First, Won the Independent Game Award! What exactly is the Fun of This “Push Box” Game?

“Baba is You” in Steam’s 795 user reviews only 6 poor reviews, 99.2% of the praise rate means that it has actually gone beyond the story of the KEY Sheqi downstream play “star Dream” 98.9% praise rate, in the official release half a month after the success of the top Steam historical reputation list first Name (although it may be shown in second place due to an algorithm or data update problem). However, if you try, the game designer will soon tell you who is the real “Dad”–Comment area The most common comment is “I think I have a mental problem.” Continue reading

Guess Who You Are in The Famous Painting

Find a famous painting that hits your face, and then photo it!

What, isn’t that enough force?

The premise, of course, is that you have to find out which famous painting you hit your face with.

Now, though, it’s not a problem.

A lot of Google recently blew up an APP that lets you upload selfies and then help you find the “painting” that looks the most like you from more than 70,000 famous paintings in more than 1200 museums around the world!

The rest, of course, is to go straight to that museum, looking for the painting that hit your face and pat it! This is actually a small feature of Google’s APP, Google Arts & Culture: “Searching for your Selfie” (search with your selfie).

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Icecream PDF Editor – The Free and all-around PDF Editor on Windows

We have introduced PDF Expert, pdfelement and other PDF professional editor, but if you only occasionally need to do some hands on the PDF, spend hundreds of yuan to buy the above App is a bit worthless. In this case, the completely free icecream PDF Editor may be able to win your favor.

▍ Powerful Editing Features

Icecream PDF Editor’s UI design is in the same tune, with no extra elements to embellish. When you enter edit mode, the text area in the PDF document is recognized, free to edit, and set fonts, font sizes, colors, and so on, just as natural as Word documents.

You can also insert images and lines, arrows, shapes, etc., and be able to stretch or rotate at will, with a higher degree of freedom. In addition to tinkering with a single page, icecream PDF Editor also supports the consolidation, segmentation, sequencing, and other operations of PDF pages, calling it an excellent all-around player.

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Make Your Mac Look Beautiful When it’s Idle: 8 MacOS Screensavers Recommended

In the early years of the big head display, a screen saver was needed to prevent it from burning out. After the popularity of modern displays, screensavers have lost their original value as a legacy of history. However, antiquities can always renew new machines, and screensavers still play a unique role in decoration, display time, and preview information.

Screensavers on the Mac have also been in development for many years, but in recent years, with the decline in demand and the proliferation of programming languages, many well-known screensavers have been unable to continue to be used in recent generations of systems. Like the screengram showing the Ins photo wall on the lock screen, and the arc of the hot search keywords, they have been in disrepair for years.

But I believe that there are still people who like personalized screensavers. This collection is for you. The eight screensavers have withstood the test of system upgrades and still work today.

The most beautiful wallpaper: Aerial

When the work is tired, stop and look at the Golden Gate Bridge in the mist?

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WeatherKit – A More Simple, Accurate and High Value Weather App for You

As the saying goes: “There is nothing wrong with the weather.” Watching the weather forecast becomes something I must do before going out every day. It is precisely because of this demand that many years ago, I began to try to find and use various weather apps, including the well-known “Color Cloud Weather” in the country and the App Store high recommended weather application. CARROT Weather.

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Inkwire – A Smart Remote Assistance and ScreenShare App

As a native Android user, I prefer to look for possible alternative apps in the flowering Android ecosystem.

Inkwire, from the renowned third-party Recovery development team ClockworkMod, is a small app that perfectly addresses the need for Remote Assistance between Android users. Inkwire’s design is very simple, the main interface is divided into blue and white tones up and down two parts: the controlled party clicks on the Share button on the top half for screen sharing, and then generates a 12-bit authorization code (Access code) The controller can assist remotely after clicking the control button below the app’s main interface and entering the 12-bit authorization code.

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Easy Steps to Expand Your Font Library with a Clicks

As more and more people use the ipad as a productivity tool, writing on the ipad, making icons, PS, and so on, such as I will write in the goodnotes, but the PS or writing process needs to use a number of different fonts, limited by the IOS system IPad can not achieve this diversification, in the past I will benefit

Use other apps or after writing articles to sync to your computer before making further edits, which is more troublesome. Now that we have a new option, we can sync fonts to the ipad via IFont, and the ipad can be used in beautiful and different fonts (note: Only for third-party software use, you cannot modify system fonts).

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The Smart Time Management App Will Show You How to Work Efficently

Recently discovered the Life Cycle app, smart enough to almost require my manual recording, to easily get a daily trajectory.

Intelligent time, little housekeeper. For the first time using life Cycle, you need to choose your own identity: student, commuter or freelance worker. App Tip: You’ll have to wait 48 hours before you can see your time allocation pie chart, during which you won’t be able to use life Cycle.

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