The Smart Time Management App Will Show You How to Work Efficently

Recently discovered the Life Cycle app, smart enough to almost require my manual recording, to easily get a daily trajectory.

Intelligent time, little housekeeper. For the first time using life Cycle, you need to choose your own identity: student, commuter or freelance worker. App Tip: You’ll have to wait 48 hours before you can see your time allocation pie chart, during which you won’t be able to use life Cycle.

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Use This App to Solve Signal Interference and Make Your Network Speed Fly

In the 2019, the Internet was already the same necessities of life as water and electricity. Therefore, it is important to have a first-class quality network to improve work efficiency and improve the quality of life. Wired networks are always the best choice. (🎁: There’s a welfare release at the end of the text!)

Although the current market has a general people can afford the price of the 10GBASE-T e-port switch, and 1000BASE-T electric port has long been popular, but mobile devices using wired network connection and the convenience of the mobile itself, so the availability of Wi-Fi and experience is extremely important. However, the limitations of wireless deployments based on a single access point are enormous-there is a lack of scalability, both in terms of coverage and throughput. As a result, networking is used in a growing number of households, as well as in almost all enterprise environments, in the form of multiple access points. Continue reading

Find Your Favorite High-quality Open Source Applications on MAC

A few times, I wanted to replace all third-party apps on my Mac with open source, and it seemed that the open source stuff was something I could control.

The reason why most people really like open source software is not that they can modify their code at will, but rather the freedom and convenience that such software provides to us in other ways: Continue reading

Forget the Notes Apps and What You Need Are Only Pen & Note

Bullet notes are customizable, loose note-taking systems. It can be used as a to-do list, sketch book, Notebook, or diary, and more often than not, it contains all of the above. It will make you do more with less. All you need is a pen and a notebook.

▍ Quick Record

Usually you need to spend a lot of time entering notes or traditional memos, and the more complex the way you enter them, the more energy you spend. The more energy you spend, over time, you’ll feel like taking notes is routine, or just giving up your notes. Fast records are born for this. In bullet notes, a quick record means “write.” It consists of four parts: the subject, the page number, the short sentence, and the Bullets (bullet). Continue reading

Only $1, You Can Easily Own These Wonderful Application for MacOS

Bundlehunt’s latest Mac App Bundle uses the recently more popular pay WhatsApp Want model, unlocking prices of $5. Simply put, you can pick the apps included in the Bundle at will, and the final price you pay is the total price of the selected app plus 5 dollars.

To be more conscientious, each app in this Bundle can add up to 3 licenses. Therefore, if you think the price is still a bit high, you can buy with other friends, split the cost of unlocking.

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Recents – Customize Your Recently Used Files on Mac Easily

The general way to open a file is to find the file double-click to open or open the app to open the most recent file.
The use of files that open the same software is very fast by conventional means, but to often open different files of different software, the speed is significantly reduced. Recent is a MAC app that solves these problems.

At this time, an unwilling to give the name of the melon crowd out, “finder has the most recently used Smart folder, I open there is not to come?
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95% of Users Will Ignore it! This Efficient Tool of MAC Would also be used in Windows

What’s the use of virtual desktops?

Virtual Desktop is the new window management function of WIN10, which is much later than the appearance of MacOS related functions, but it is not inferior to use. The purpose of virtual desktops is to categorize different types of application windows so that they keep the foreground displayed without interfering with each other. The popular understanding is to cram N monitors into the same monitor.

Its usefulness includes, but is not limited to:
1. Window classification
The application’s window is like a Chrome tab, and it tends to pile up more and more. When you open too many programs, a messy computer screen can cause attention switching and productivity to be greatly affected.

2. Avoiding conflicts at foreground procedures
Daily use of the computer, often some programs need to keep the foreground display (or even maximize the window), in order to operate at all times, typical such as WeChat, QQ, Word and so on. There are many more such programs, but there is only one desktop, and creating a few new virtual desktops is the best solution. Continue reading

SWRLY – An Amazing Photo App Which Can Save Your Money If You Try to Buy New iPhone

With the launch of the IPhone 7 Plus, the portrait pattern began to sprout in the soil of the smartphone. Two years, the image pattern of the algorithm is constantly powerful, the keying is more granular, the virtual simulation is more real. So, how to make a unique portrait of a person, has become the direction that many people explore. The swrly to be introduced today can add a whirlpool effect to your photos and go back to the past years.

In the 1840, the world’s first practical portrait lens Petzval was designed, and its advent made it possible to portrait photography. Before that, it would take a few minutes of exposure to take a picture, which is deadly for portrait photography, and few people can stay motionless for a few minutes.

The biggest feature of Petzval is that its imaging effect outside the coke is whirlpool, although this effect is due to technical constraints, but in portrait photography there is no flavor. Continue reading

Design Camera – Your Easy 3D Mockups for Mac

Design Camera is a small but powerful app on your MAC that allows you to generate a designer-level app product brochure or video with a silly operation.

Applications such as Onescreen can give screenshots of the case and add a fancy background.

In Design Camera, you can customize more content, and the resulting product promotion chart looks like it’s from a senior designer, and you just need to provide a screenshot or a video. Open Design Camera, drag the footage into the window, and the app will generate a “plain” shell map. Design Camera supports PNG, JPG, AVI, MOV, and mp4 files. We can also have Design Camera read the iphone’s screen in real time, connect the iphone to your MAC and click the “Data Cable” button in the upper-left corner of the window.

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