9 New Applications for You. Go to Have a Try!

Today we are going to share you with some wonderful and practical software for macOS, Android, and Windows system. Hope you would be interested in some of them.

Noto 2: Great update slot for good note stools

The Note tool “Noto” with its excellent design and exquisite dynamic, at the beginning of the shelf attracted a lot of people, coupled with its very perfect function, but also let many users become its fans.

Recently, this “beauty and strength” note has been updated to the latest version – Version 2.0. At the 1.0 version, Noto’s synchronization was done by creating folders in iCloud Dirve, so that both speed and stability were compromised. Noto 2.0 uses CloudKit to sync instead, improving the sync experience;

In addition to improving the sync experience, Noto 2.0 has refined the functionality. Now you can reorder documents and folders through Drag and Drop, and the new version adds a “top” feature, all you need to do is drag the file to the top. Not only that, Noto 2.0 will automatically delete those new blank notes, even if you accidentally add new notes, don’t do it manually, just leave it blank and return.

The update also allows Noto to support mouse operation on iPad OS, and the actual experience is great, with the ability to do all the work without raising hands. On iPad, you can now also swipe to hide the sidebar and go into full-screen editing. The biggest feature of this update is that it supports universal purchases, and if you’re using a system above iOS 13.4 or macOS 10.15.4, you only need to subscribe to Noto Pro on one platform to unlock the Pro version of the other platform at the same time, eliminating the need for a recurring subscription.

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10 New Applications for IOS, Windows PC and Android That You Should Not Miss!

Hey guys, today I pick up 10 new published applications for you. Some of them are free and some are costed at a low price. To get more latest news for Mac, Windows PC and other platform, please visit here.

1. ServerCat: Easily manage servers on iOS

For many users, having a cloud server/cloud host is nothing new. Project deployment, cloud development, environmental operations, etc. will be used in the cloud server, but to manage the server often need to operate through the desktop terminal tools, to operate the server anywhere from anywhere through a smartphone may not be so simple.

ServerCat is a cloud server management tool on the iOS side that allows you to monitor the current health of the server, such as CPU/memory load, swap partitions, and network access, by adding information from the server, which is convenient for operators who used to need a monitoring panel to monitor the status in real-time.

ServerCat can also be used to manage Docker services, such as the current resource footprint of deployed Docker containers, the status of each container, and so on.

Obviously, if only monitoring, for some sudden situations, operators still need to log on to the host through the terminal tool processing, then through the built-in small terminal can log on and operate the host, ServerCat terminal signed some operating aids, so even in small screen devices such as iOS devices can be used to complement the shell. Continue reading

5 Wallpaper Apps for Mac Computer – Most Are Free!

Pap.er (free) is a free wallpaper app designed for Mac. You can select and set up desktop wallpapers in the top bar and one click, and you can also change wallpapers at random at a regular time. Most wallpapers support 4K, 5K resolution, and even some are vertical phone wallpapers.

Download address👇


Artpaper: Daily New Wallpapers (paid) As “Literary Youth” in the wallpaper application world, wallpaper images are all from more than 1,000 famous artist paintings in museums and galleries around the world. Automatic replacement on your desktop every day and up to 5K resolution. Artpaper is a paid software with macOS and iOS versions that can be purchased and downloaded in the App Store.
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Vecronator X – A Great Drawing App Brings You More Surprise

If you’re a designer, Photoshop and Illustrator must be your required course, with the former responsible for image processing and the latter for graphic drawing. Last year, when the full version of Photoshop officially landed on iPad, MacUtilty team has wrote down reviews of the Photoshop for iPad. And at the same time Adobe company claimed officially that the “Illustrator for the iPad” was under development.

Do we have an app that can draw vectors on iPad before Illustrator landed on the iPad? Just like image processing apps such as Pixelmator Photo on iPad, the App Store has a number of vector drawing apps similar to illustror’s features, and today we’re going to introduce a vector drawing app, Vecronator X.

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2020 Excellent Recording Software for Mac – Highly Recommend

System recording shortcuts

As a very useful feature of macOS 10.14, you can start recording with the shortcut key s-Shift-5.

You can record the entire screen desktop or only a selected area.

QuickTime Player

QuickTime had a recording feature for such a long time.

You can also choose whether to capture sound simultaneously through the microphone. However, the system cannot record built-in sound by default. However, this can be done by installing the plug-in Soundflower.

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2020 Must-Have Applications for Mac OS Computer

MacUtility Team picks up several amazing mac essential software for you and some of which are well known to the public while some of them are rarely known by people. They all are very powerful, and very beautifully produced must-have software. If you are a new Mac user, it is highly recommended you download the applications introduced below to get more fun on the Mac OSX.

1.Pap.er for Mac (4k HD wallpaper software)

pap.er mac version is a 4K, 5K HD wallpaper app designed for mac users, so you can enjoy fresh and beautiful wallpapers from all over the world every day! Pap.er has a beautiful interface, automatic exchange of wallpapers, thousands of beautiful wallpapers you choose.

2. SpyHunter(Mac optimization software)

A good macOS garbage cleaning tool can be said to be a human-needed tool. As a powerful Mac system optimization cleaning tool SpyHunteris a good word of mouth, strength, sales, its features are very rich and comprehensive, called macOS system cleanup and optimization of the super sharp tool.
Get your first 3 moths for free!

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Roostoo – An Easy-to-Use Crypto Exchange Simulator for Bitcon

Today I have an application that I want to share with you which is named “Roostoo”. It is not famous and I bet you never heard about this application definitely because its downloads in Google Play store are only hundreds. And why I’m going to recommend this kind of little-known software because after the trail using, I find it is very easy and simple for rookies. If you would like to learn the basic knowledge of investment, you choose Roostoo as your first teacher.

The official introduction is “Roostoo is a simulated cryptographic trading simulator for people who want to gain experience with cryptocurrencies.” Practice trading for free with real-time market data. “At the moment cryptocurrencies are starting to come into view, and more and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies. This is accompanied by the anxiety and fear that others don’t understand about cryptocurrencies, and Roostoo has developed it in response to the needs and anxieties of users. Roostoo provides a free place to learn about cryptocurrency investments by combining real-time trading data to simulate a real trading environment that allows users to learn how to invest in a real business environment. Roosto, meanwhile, has partnered with a number of college clubs to co-host online mock-trade competitions. Continue reading

7 New Released Applications for Mac, Download and Have a Try!

Hey guys, I select and pick up 7 applications that are worth downloading for your Mac.

Listen App: Podcast Community that lets you communicate ideas with your voice

Tp: Listen App is a social podcast app where listeners can share their thoughts with people who are also listening to the current show. Unlike the previously fiery “Little Universe,” the Listen App does not use text-based pop-ups to leave messages, but rather through recording.

Putting aside the “social” point, from the point of view of a podcast app, the Listen App is barely qualified: it supports the most basic times of speed adjustment, offline downloads and more content, and podcastcontent is rich, as long as there are podcasts in the system’s Podcasts app, you can find them in the Listen App. But the Listen App doesn’t support skipping blank clips, RSS subscriptions, and more, and is a more original podcast app.

Social is the highlight of the Listen App. The app calls itself the Podcast Community, where users can leave messages, interact with others, and even share their own playlists and follow other people’s pages. If you’re the anchor, you can also enter the community and interact with your audience to find out what they think and advise about the show. Continue reading

The Excellent Apps for Mac You Should Not Miss in 2020

Are there any wonderful applications for Mac in 2020? Of course, Today I’m going to share you with some good reputation applications which can help you increase your efficiency and increase the usage of the Mac.

1.iA Writer-Simple and easy-to-use text writing tool that supports markdown.

iA Writer provides a unique “no interference mode”, which hides all interface elements that may interfere with writing, leaving only a blank sheet of paper and a keyboard And the gray “small lock” in the upper right corner (this is used to exit the non-interference mode), and only highlight a few lines of text being edited, the rest of the text will be faded out, and I think it is also to let the writer maximize Focus on the current text.

2.PDF Expert-PDF editing tool-Mac App Store App of the Year

The application can be fast, light and easy to use! Read and annotate PDFs, edit texts, add photos, fill in forms, sign contracts, an unprecedented experience. Say yes to all used! The software also has an iOS version of PDF Expert 6, which is super easy to use with the iPad Pro and Apple pencil. The Mac version is a little expensive, 518 soft sister coins; the iOS version is not cheap, 68 downloads, 68 in-app purchase Pro editing functions, This software is really excellent!

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15 Amazing Mac Applications for You to Bring More Value to Your Mac

Today, I would like to introduce you a list of applications for Mac which will absolutely increase the value of the Mac.

I believe that after buying a computer, the first thing is to change to your favorite wallpaper. After all, the original wallpaper is too ugly. Still looking for wallpapers on Baidu pictures? Why not try Pap.er.
This software updates beautiful wallpapers from photographers around the world every day. A theme will also be launched from time to time, for example, Jun A wrote this manuscript as the theme of “summer” and “meow” some time ago.

In addition, Pap.er is also very “lightweight”, there is no special application interface, all operations are carried out in a small window expanded in the status bar. In addition, compared to other software that only helps you download wallpapers, Pap.er can not only download, but also help you set up, and truly achieve the “one-click wallpaper change” function.
What about users who use extended screens? Don’t worry, Pap.er also provides 4k or even 5k wallpapers, as well as the most popular vertical screen wallpaper, which really takes care of all users.

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