How to Make Screenshot for All Windows on Mac with One Click?

There are many screenshot methods and tools on the Mac, such as screenshots of social software shortcuts, screenshots with shadows, Xnips for scrolling screenshots, Snipaste, a well-known screenshot software on Windows, etc., but they all have a common problem: they can’t take a one-time screenshot. All windows on the desktop. When you need to separate screenshots from many windows, you need to pre-position the windows one by one, and repeat the screenshots and save actions. 

The software ScreenShot PSD to be introduced today can solve this need. It has only one function, which captures all the windows of the current desktop and converts them into PSD files for automatic saving. After opening the PSD file, you will find that the file contains multiple layers, each of which is a screenshot of each software window, and it also separates each icon on the Dock bar, wallpaper, and menu bar.

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Reminder 2.0 – The Better Version to Give You More

The minority has introduced the “Reminder” that comes with the system into an iOS 11-style Reminder. Today, Reminder developers have updated version 2.0 for it, bringing a whole new set of features that make this app even easier to use.

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A Smart and Free Toolkits will Transforms the Desktop Automatically

At this year’s WWDC, Apple company brought us a large version of the updated macOS Mojave, which intuitively allows us to detect updates in addition to the cool system-level dark mode and practical automatic finishing of files, as well as automatic replacement according to time. “Dynamic Desktop” on the desktop wallpaper.

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Infinity New Tab Pro for Chrome,Easy-to-Use [Today’s Pick Up]

I believe that everyone is no stranger to the website navigation website. This type of website usually aggregates various types of websites and classifies them according to certain conditions. It is convenient for allInfinity New Tab ProInfinity New Tab Prokinds of users to quickly find the website they want. Although they are often bundled with some software, the reputation of some navigation websites is not good, but because of its high practicality, it has long occupied the browser homepage of many people.

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Top 10 Google Chrome Plugins for You to Make The Browser Perfect

Have you ever thought about the tasks you can do today, the news that happens when you look at the new tabs on your browser, or the browsers that automatically block your irrelevant websites and stay focused when you check them online; even When YouTube watches a video, it can also send a barrage like a domestic website…

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Use Meerkat Reader to Help You Read Chinese Novel Easily

In the student era, we may all have had the experience of turning the dictionary and reading the texts. Whenever we encounter new words, the pages of the book will creak and cover the window. Until today, there are still many people who switch between readers and dictionary apps, which is inefficient.

The Meerkat Reader introduced in this article integrates the dictionary, reading, and memory into a powerful tool for English dialysis learning.

Read with a dictionary

Open an English book with the Meerkat Reader, and you will find that the difficult words have been marked and the interpretation is displayed directly at the bottom. Simply click on any word in the text to view its detailed definition. You don’t need to switch apps or ask for long press menus.

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