One Click to Judge If Your Mac Need to Change the Battery or Not

After a long time in the computer and mobile phone, have you ever cared about the health of the battery? There are times when the problem of life, in fact, is caused by the health of the battery. Pay attention to the health of the battery, timely replacement of the regular battery, so as to avoid the battery loss is too large and cause life problems, so as to ensure the experience. Continue reading

How to Upgrade to macOS Mojave? 2019 Guides for You to Do That Easily

I believe that only by the dark mode debuted on the WWDC, macOS Mojave has caused many people to tickle for a long time, but the previous developer preview version has a little installation threshold, and we often see fans who ask for description files. Now that the public beta is released, everyone has a chance to try the latest macOS Mojave.

Upgrade macOS Mojave public beta

I finally got the upgrade step. After doing the backup work, you can rest assured.

Log in to the Apple Beta program website and select macOS in “Register your device”.

Click “Download macOS Public Beta Access Tool” in “Register Your Mac”.

Open the dmg image you just downloaded, open the pkg file, and follow the prompts to install the description file.

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Mosiac – A Practical Application for Mac Users

When we use a computer, we often need to open multiple windows at the same time, and we must not block each other. For example, when I write a thesis, I even use four windows:

  1. Writing software window
  2. Literature window
  3. Use Google to help me understand sentences quickly
  4. Use the dictionary to accurately search words

Open the desktop of four windows at the same time

In this case, various occupations are not uncommon, and even some occupations encounter a more special and complicated window arrangement.

If you don’t have a window management software, each time you drag the size and position of each window by the pointer, it is torture once and for all, and it is a serious underestimation of the degree of development of modern software.  Continue reading

How to Disable Start-Up Items on Your Mac

Like Windows system, the Mac OS X is also available for setting automatic start-up items on the computer, however, many people are not clear how to disable it when there some items they don’t want to start automatically anymore. If you are still looking for a way to disable some items from the start-up programs, you can try this guides to delete them on your Mac.

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How can Securely Erase All Data on Your Mac’s Hard Drive

When decide to sell your old Mac or give up to use it for some reason, do you worry about your personal data inside the machine being available and abused by other people? Maybe you will be interested about how can securely clean data on the Mac’s hard drive.

Erase Data on Mac's hard drive

When people need to remove something on the Mac, simply dragging the unwanted item to the Trash can finish the removal job. However, this is not a complete removal for the item, and moreover, some of you may be Continue reading

How to Set a Mac’s Start-up, Sleep, and Shut-down Times

Schedule Mac

With the wide use of Mackintosh computer, it has been a very easy task for people to start up, shut down, sleep and restart the Mac from the sub-menu of Apple icon on the top-left of your screen, but the Mac is more useful as you think, for that it can enable to user to schedule the time of Start-up, Sleep, and Shut-down.

It is a big use for putting the Mac computer on a basic schedule, especially for the people who use the machine regularly. After setting the Start-up, Sleep, and Shut-down times, the computer will perform these commands automatically, and users also can remotely access it. Continue reading