100 Skills for Mac You Might Want to Learn – Part 4

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31. How to encrypt files on Mac

Open the Mac Disk Tool and select File – New Image – Image from folder in the menu bar. Then select the folder you want to encrypt. Select encryption in the options menu. Enter ing in and confirm the password, and then click On Storage to generate a .dmg disk image file that requires a password to open, and it is absolutely secure.

32. How do I project my iPhone screen onmy on my Mac?

Connect your Mac and iPhone with a data cable. When you open QuickTime Player, double-finger select New Movie Recording, and the camera selects the iPhone, the iPhone screen will be placed on the Mac window.

33. Quickly check English word translation

Put the mouse pointer on the English word, and then press the touch version hard to show the translation of the word. You can also configure a translation dictionary. In addition to English words, you can also translate Chinese characters, Japanese and so on with one click. It’s really not where not to point anywhere!
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100 Skills for Mac You Might Want to Learn – Part3

Today, we will continue to share you with the basic skills for Mac. We get nice feedback from readers after we start this “100 skill series for Mac”. If you would like to get more information please visit these two posts:

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21. Touch Bar Screenshot
You can save a picture for a touch bar screenshot using the shortcut Shift-Command-6.

22. Show access status bar
You can choose to display the status bar in your access settings. The status bar shows the number of files at the current level of the folder and the remaining space for the entire disk. You can also change the size of the display file thumbnail.

23. Save pictures from pages
To export a picture in a Pages document, change the suffix name of the Pages document to .zip, then double-click unzip and open the unzipped folder, which contains all the pictures in the Pages document.

24. Retrieve the “download” on the dock
The “Download” folder on the dock has been accidentally removed, you can open the visit, the left column of the “download” dragged to the right side of the dock resident icon location. Then right-click on the Download icon, arrange the order to select “Add date” and display the content select “Fan”. So the “download” on the original dock was retrieved. Continue reading

100 Skills for Mac You Might Want to Learn – Part 2

On April 30, I shared you a post named “100 Skills for Mac You Might Want to Learn“. Today I would like to share with you the second series of 100 skills for Mac.

11. Keying with Keynote
Keynote can be used not only for presentations, but also for drawing pictures. Drag the picture into Keynote Select the right tool “Image” – “Instant Alpha”, and then drag and drag the last point of the picture wants to be cissed.

If the picture is more complex, you should slowly buckle a few more times.

If you want to export a buttoned picture, you can click the menu bar “File” – “Export as” – “Image” Select the slide on which page of the picture, select the format to export on the line. If you want to export a low-transparent picture, set the background of the slide to No Fill, then export PNG with the steps you just did and tick “Export with transparent background” to do so.

12. Extract software icon
To save a picture of the software icon You can find the software in the Applications folder You can click on the “Show Package Content” and “Contents” – “Resources” inside there will usually be a file called “AppIcon.icns” Double-click to open it with “Preview” and then double-tap to click the left thumbnail, select “Export as” Select format save on the pNG format if you want transparent images Continue reading

100 Skills for Mac You Might Want to Learn – Part 1

Hey guys, from today I will bring you a series of 100 skills for Mac. If you are new to Mac OS or if you are inexperienced with Mac computer problems, I ensure you that you will learn useful tips about how to get more efficiency with your Mac.

1. Use the preview to directly modify the picture size
Do you still use PS or install software to modify picture size? Double-click the picture to open with Preview, and then select Tool-Resize…to modify the resolution size of the picture. You can keep the picture scale unchanged, and you can see the size change of the picture before and after the modification.

2. Can’t find a location to save a file?
If you save the file, you can’t find the location you want to save by choosing the save location drop-down. You can click on the small arrow to the right of the position to see the complete Mac local file directory.
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One Click to Judge If Your Mac Need to Change the Battery or Not

After a long time in the computer and mobile phone, have you ever cared about the health of the battery? There are times when the problem of life, in fact, is caused by the health of the battery. Pay attention to the health of the battery, timely replacement of the regular battery, so as to avoid the battery loss is too large and cause life problems, so as to ensure the experience. Continue reading

How to Upgrade to macOS Mojave? 2019 Guides for You to Do That Easily

I believe that only by the dark mode debuted on the WWDC, macOS Mojave has caused many people to tickle for a long time, but the previous developer preview version has a little installation threshold, and we often see fans who ask for description files. Now that the public beta is released, everyone has a chance to try the latest macOS Mojave.

Upgrade macOS Mojave public beta

I finally got the upgrade step. After doing the backup work, you can rest assured.

Log in to the Apple Beta program website and select macOS in “Register your device”.

Click “Download macOS Public Beta Access Tool” in “Register Your Mac”.

Open the dmg image you just downloaded, open the pkg file, and follow the prompts to install the description file.

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Mosiac – A Practical Application for Mac Users

When we use a computer, we often need to open multiple windows at the same time, and we must not block each other. For example, when I write a thesis, I even use four windows:

  1. Writing software window
  2. Literature window
  3. Use Google to help me understand sentences quickly
  4. Use the dictionary to accurately search words

Open the desktop of four windows at the same time

In this case, various occupations are not uncommon, and even some occupations encounter a more special and complicated window arrangement.

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How to Disable Start-Up Items on Your Mac

Like Windows system, the Mac OS X is also available for setting automatic start-up items on the computer, however, many people are not clear how to disable it when there some items they don’t want to start automatically anymore. If you are still looking for a way to disable some items from the start-up programs, you can try this guides to delete them on your Mac.

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How can Securely Erase All Data on Your Mac’s Hard Drive

When decide to sell your old Mac or give up to use it for some reason, do you worry about your personal data inside the machine being available and abused by other people? Maybe you will be interested about how can securely clean data on the Mac’s hard drive.

Erase Data on Mac's hard drive

When people need to remove something on the Mac, simply dragging the unwanted item to the Trash can finish the removal job. However, this is not a complete removal for the item, and moreover, some of you may be Continue reading

How to Set a Mac’s Start-up, Sleep, and Shut-down Times

Schedule Mac

With the wide use of Mackintosh computer, it has been a very easy task for people to start up, shut down, sleep and restart the Mac from the sub-menu of Apple icon on the top-left of your screen, but the Mac is more useful as you think, for that it can enable to user to schedule the time of Start-up, Sleep, and Shut-down.

It is a big use for putting the Mac computer on a basic schedule, especially for the people who use the machine regularly. After setting the Start-up, Sleep, and Shut-down times, the computer will perform these commands automatically, and users also can remotely access it. Continue reading