News in One Sentence – Mac Computer Encounters Class Action Over Ash

Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit in which some people encounter MacBook and iMac screen ash problems, replacing screens in succession, with a single repair fee of up to $900. The accusers believe Apple should install a vents filter on its MAC to avoid these problems. Their computers because of the screen ash, the screen appears gray stains, heat dissipation problems, with the computer performance slows down, overheating.

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4 Methods Helps You Speed Up Mac Computer, Easy and Quick

Computer has been used for a long time, even if there is no problem, hardware is not bad, it will inevitably appear freeze, slow respond time and so on.Renewal is the most direct approach, but now the configuration of a slightly better computer is often five thousand or six thousand, especially like Apple’s MacBook, Mac and so on, basically tens of thousands of pieces, the average user is basically difficult to do to say change.

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Mac Freezes – How to Fix The Problem with 3 Minutes

MacOS is kind of wonderful operating system, but it doesn’t prevent applications from responding, which is what we commonly use as application crashes. It is believed that users who have encountered this situation know that once the application crashes, click on the window to close will not react, need to right-click from the Dock bar below to opt out of the application to force exit.

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3 Easy Steps to Help You Make Your Mac Run Like New One!

View remaining space
The only way to see the rest of your Mac is to simply click on the Apple menu in the top right corner and select “About this Mac” > click on “Storage Space”. Not only can you view the used storage space and the remaining space, but the system will also sort the used space, so that you can clear the file that knows what type it is “occupying” your computer.
Native cleaning method
In the above storage management page, click “Manage” to use the official method to clean up the Mac space. At this point, you can find that there are four line selections, including “stored in iCloud”, “optimized storage space”, “automatically empty the trash” and “avoid mess”.
Click “Save in iCloud”, the system will keep the files you have recently opened on the desktop and in the manuscript. If you have not opened it for a long time, it will be uploaded to iCloud and delete the original file on Mac.

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Mosiac – A Practical Application for Mac Users

When we use a computer, we often need to open multiple windows at the same time, and we must not block each other. For example, when I write a thesis, I even use four windows:

  1. Writing software window
  2. Literature window
  3. Use Google to help me understand sentences quickly
  4. Use the dictionary to accurately search words

Open the desktop of four windows at the same time

In this case, various occupations are not uncommon, and even some occupations encounter a more special and complicated window arrangement.

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Only $599, Mac Mini Must Be Your Favorite Option to Get Started with MacOS

After the iMac and MacBook have already carried the productivity of the two scenes of desktop and mobile, Apple has been racking his brains over the past few years to make the iPad more “Pro” and MacBook. More “Air”, these have achieved new results at the last Apple conference this year, which makes the updated Mac mini seem to be done by the way.
The product that has not been updated in this four years seems to be about the same as four years ago.

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Apple Updates Mac Pro Configurations, Promises Commitment To Mac Desktops

Have not been heard about the Mac Pro for a long time? It must be a inspiring news for the Mac Pro fans that Apple is working on a big refresh for the machine.

Apple confirmed that they started to work on a big update for the Mac Pro, but it won’t be released until next year, but it will separately update iMac later in this year.

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