Apple Updates Mac Pro Configurations, Promises Commitment To Mac Desktops

Have not been heard about the Mac Pro for a long time? It must be a inspiring news for the Mac Pro fans that Apple is working on a big refresh for the machine.

Apple confirmed that they started to work on a big update for the Mac Pro, but it won’t be released until next year, but it will separately update iMac later in this year.

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New Wi-Fi System Provides 100 Times Faster Internet

Scientists from Eindhoven University of Technology have developed a brand new wireless Internet, which is based harmless infrared rays and provides 100 times faster than existing Wi-Fi networks.

This new wireless Internet is developed by researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands; based on the harmless infrared rays, it will be 100 times faster than the current Wi-Fi networks, and available for more devices without any conflict or pressure on the Internet connection.

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Facebook Takes Actions to Fights Against Spy Apps

Facebook users’ data and privacy are always the target of many hackers and spyware, and Facebook has decided to pay more attentions and efforts to prevent the spy applications from accessing its users’ data.

Facebook has long been under the pressure to protect their users’ account and personal privacy, especially then the American Civil Liberties Union released a report to expose how Geofeedia track protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri via collecting and using the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users’ data. So it’s time for time to make the account security to be safer from being stolen by those spyware. So, the company has taken some measures to enhance the account protection.

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Google Home and eBay can Tell How Much Your Item Is Worth

Have you ever wondered how much your possessions resting in your garage could be worth? This problem could be solved perfectly in nowadays as long as you get a Google’s new “Home” device.

On Wednesday, Google introduced a new feature in its new new “Home” device at the Google Cloud Next conference, which can help the user to appraise their certain stuffs, through a partnership with eBay, and it is regarded as a personal shopping assistant – “shopbot”.

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Microsoft adding Google Calendar & Contacts support to Outlook for Mac

Today Microsoft announced that it is adding Google Calendar and Contact syncing o Outlook 2016 for Mac, and int he next few weeks, people will be able to get these highly requested feature in their Office Insider program.

According to Microsoft’s blog, this newly feature will firstly available for the Office Insider Fast community, and the Mac users will also find these feature matching to their Outlook apps on iOS and Android devices.

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Spotify Officially Hits 50 Million Paid Subscribers


Spotify in recently announced that it has hit 50 million paying subscribers, and added about 10 million members in less then half a year, which is nearly equal to half of an Apple Music.

As one of the biggest music, podcast, and video streaming service available in the world, Spotify is officially developed by Spotify AB in Stockholm (Sweden) on 7 October 2008, it can be used for free for some basic features with advertisements, and people can choose to upgrade the privilege to the paid subscriptions. Continue reading