Anatova Ransomware – 2019 New Type of Virus Attacks Global Networks

According to foreign media reports, a new type of ransomware is infecting users around the world, pretending to be apps or games, tricking users into downloading and launching. Anatova ransomware first appeared on January 1, 2019. According to the analysis of the code, the hacking experience of distributing the software is very rich.

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Note! ‘Doomsday’ Worm Uses Seven NSA Exploits While WannaCry Used Two


Just come around again after the attack of “WannaCry”, cheer up, another new virus which is more dangerous and malicious then the wannacry has been created. A worm ‘Doomsday’ which uses seven NSA exploits (wannacry used two) just coming out, and this is definitely a bigger challenge for all computer users to protect their machines from this worm infection. Continue reading

How to Remove Genieo Virus from Mac for Common People

Genieo for Mac is an application that usually appears on the computer suddenly, and try to lure the user to install it via masquerading itself as a normal or legitimate update, are you worry about it is a virus and would compromised your Mac? Don’t worry, you can choose to remove Genieo from my suggestion below.

Remove Genieo Virus from Mac

According to the information and associated reports of Genieo we collecting online, Genieo claims itself as a search engine program, and allow people to change many settings the personal settings, custom search, as well as the extension. However, many people prefer to remark it as a virus, because: Continue reading