Be Cautious When Using Flash Player Because of the Latest Mac Malware

Apple’s Mac system has been dominated by ultra-high security, few Apple users can do their own computer poisoning, The Mac also does not have a computer butler and the need for anti-virus software this statement.

But in recent days, security research firm Intego discovered the latest Mac malware OSX/CrescentCore, which was signed with Apple’s developer ID, and Apple doesn’t consider it malware.

OSX/CrescentCore’s intrusion is simple, and hackers typically masquerade websites as free video, TV, music, and other websites, allowing them to actively turn on the Flash player, and then download OSX/CrescentCore malware in the name of a Flash player update.

And OSX/CrescentCore virus is very intelligent, has a mechanism to prevent security researchers from discovering, automatically detects whether is in the virtual machine and whether anti-virus software is installed on the computer, if confirmed in the virtual machine or after the antivirus software, OSX/CrescentCore will not have any malicious behavior. Continue reading

2019 Cyber Crime and Malware Prediction

In the field of network security, predicting the development trend of cyber crime and malware seems to have become the tradition of major cybersecurity companies. To avoid getting everyone to read hundreds of pages of security reports, we specifically integrated and summarized McAfee, Forrester, FiskIQ, Kaspersky Lab “1, 2, 3”, WatchGuard, Nuvias, FireEye, CyberArk,

A 2019-year network Crime and malware forecast report released by Forcepoint, Sophos and Symantec.

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Shock! So Many Account Passwords Have Leaked!

With the increasing penetration of the Internet into our daily life, we have more and more personal information into the network, and in recent years the continuous exposure of data leaks, but also caused people to pay attention to information security. If you’re worried that your favorite accounts have been compromised in a trailer event, use Have I Been Pwned to verify this site.

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Artificial intelligence is bringing a storm to the banking world.

Artificial intelligence is bringing a storm to the banking world.

When you see tech such as Alphabet, Apple,amazon and Facebook all investing in the same field, don’t guess, it must be the hottest area. AI is being used more and more, and it is increasing every day. Essentially, AI involves three of technologies: cognitive computing, machine learning, and natural language processing. With the help of these tools, the banking sector is undergoing a major transformation. Bank practitioners are using AI to improve their relationship with their customers.

Accenture’s information shows that they also plan to gather more information to better understand the feelings and wishes of each customer. AI is a powerful technology. It can provide people with relevant and reliable information at the right time, the accuracy of which is unmatched by the human brain. The new potential that AI brings to the banking industry has sprung up new businesses such as Intuit,plaid and Yodlee. The future of AI in the banking world looks very bright, but not everyone believes that this new technology will not lead to greater problems while improving efficiency.

Many people have expressed concern about the closure of bank branches, consumer discomfort with electronic instruments and the high risk of databases. Continue reading

Keep Your Phone Safe by Following the Experts Tips If You Shop Online with Your Phone Usually

If you often use your phone to shop, I suggest you check the phone for if this option is turned off. Open “Settings”, pull down to the e-commerce app you often use, click to find “Photos”, then you will find that the app automatically defaults to “Read and write”, do not want to think more, quickly close!

Some apps will offer the “Add photos only” option, check this will not reveal your privacy, of course, many apps do not have this option, so can only choose “never”. Continue reading

Winter Games Hit By Cyber Attack During Opening Ceremony

At about 7.15pm (9.15pm AEDT) on Friday, Internal internet and Wi-Fi systems of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang were shutdown and lasted to midday on Saturday, and speculation of Winter Olympics being hit by cyber attack was discussed by many people.

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

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Hackers Broke U.S. Voting Machines Within 2 Hours At Defcon

Is the important voting election on United States safe enough? Have you ever thought that the elections also might be hacked and affect the election? A new test at Las Vegas’ Defcon will tell you that it would be possible for the voting machine being hacked.

Hackers At Defcon

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Petya ransomware spreading across Europe

People and organizations all round the world just get out of WannaCry‘s serious attack, but now it seems like a new ransomware which is more malicious than the former getting start a new round of attack now.

Petya ransomware

Recently, a brand new ransomware “Petya” is spreading its attack in the world, starting from the Ukraine, it has been expand to many countries in the world, such as Spain, Israel, UK, Netherlands, Germany and United States. Continue reading

Wannacry Attack Spread Around The World And 150 Countries Affected

In these few days, people all around the world were shocked by the most serious ransomware “Wannacry” attack the world has ever seen, till now, the cyberattack has spread to 150 countries, and the victims still continue to increase.


The ransomware “Wannacry” started its attack on last Friday afternoon, once a computer infected, the virus will lock people out of his files on the machine, and require to offer a ransom to the hackers. Continue reading