Keep Your Phone Safe by Following the Experts Tips If You Shop Online with Your Phone Usually

If you often use your phone to shop, I suggest you check the phone for if this option is turned off. Open “Settings”, pull down to the e-commerce app you often use, click to find “Photos”, then you will find that the app automatically defaults to “Read and write”, do not want to think more, quickly close!

Some apps will offer the “Add photos only” option, check this will not reveal your privacy, of course, many apps do not have this option, so can only choose “never”. Continue reading

Winter Games Hit By Cyber Attack During Opening Ceremony

At about 7.15pm (9.15pm AEDT) on Friday, Internal internet and Wi-Fi systems of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang were shutdown and lasted to midday on Saturday, and speculation of Winter Olympics being hit by cyber attack was discussed by many people.

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

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Hackers Broke U.S. Voting Machines Within 2 Hours At Defcon

Is the important voting election on United States safe enough? Have you ever thought that the elections also might be hacked and affect the election? A new test at Las Vegas’ Defcon will tell you that it would be possible for the voting machine being hacked.

Hackers At Defcon

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Petya ransomware spreading across Europe

People and organizations all round the world just get out of WannaCry‘s serious attack, but now it seems like a new ransomware which is more malicious than the former getting start a new round of attack now.

Petya ransomware

Recently, a brand new ransomware “Petya” is spreading its attack in the world, starting from the Ukraine, it has been expand to many countries in the world, such as Spain, Israel, UK, Netherlands, Germany and United States. Continue reading

Wannacry Attack Spread Around The World And 150 Countries Affected

In these few days, people all around the world were shocked by the most serious ransomware “Wannacry” attack the world has ever seen, till now, the cyberattack has spread to 150 countries, and the victims still continue to increase.


The ransomware “Wannacry” started its attack on last Friday afternoon, once a computer infected, the virus will lock people out of his files on the machine, and require to offer a ransom to the hackers. Continue reading

Note! Pay Attention To The Phishing Scam On Google Docs

Do you often use the Google Docs can click on the links in the document? Be careful, cybercriminals are creating Google Docs phishing scam for many users who get the Google Docs service.


Internet’s security attack can be everywhere online, and now, there is a very popular way for the cybercriminal attacking the users – they distribute many phishing scam on Google Docs Continue reading