This Company Makes it Impossible for Google and Facebook to Make Money Easily As Usual

We’ve probably all heard the whining that what websites you do is “working” for Google, meaning that what you do ends up being searched by Google, and Google can earn advertising money from it.

In fact, Silicon Valley’s biggest companies rely on advertising revenue: Google, Facebook, YouTube are all the same. Are these companies destined to be the most upstream of the internet? BitClave, a company from Silicon Valley, does this by relying on a de-centered search of blockchain technology (decentralized). With what “de-centric search” Can you have the ambition to challenge Google? Silicon Valley Spy (public: Guigudiyixian) gave an exclusive interview with BitClave’s CTO, associate professor of research in electronics and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University (Associate R-Professor) Patrick Tage (Patrick Tague). Continue reading

Great Website for You to Search High Quality Pictures

In order to give the article map, at the beginning of the time I was from Google directly search pictures, found the quality of the pictures uneven, often spent a lot of time, has not found a satisfactory picture. Later, the editor recommended the following sites, which took a while and worked well.


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You Can Simply Create Your Own Design with These 5 Website

In everyone’s impression, want to complete the beautiful design, must master PS, AI, Sketch and other professional mapping tools can be. In fact, there are many websites that can help us without professional design tools, making a lot of beautiful designs and completing our own design needs. Today, let’s take a look at these sites.

▍ Prototype Design

STUDIO STUDIO is a design site developed by the Japanese team that can easily complete mobile apps and web prototypes. When you sign up for your account login, there will be a very friendly instructional guide to tell you some simple actions.

STUDIO can create two of design documents for the iPhone App and Web.

STUDIO has built-in picture libraries, font libraries, icon libraries, and, depending on the document format you choose, provides style footage controls such as STUDIO STYLE, Material Design, and iOS UI Design, as long as you drag and combine controls to suit your own ideas. It is important to note that STUDIO’s design principles, similar to the composition of Web pages, are based on square Box containers, and each Box container can only be arranged next to a Box container. By setting different Margin (outer margins) and Padding (inner margins) to adjust the position of the element, it is not free for the mouse to drag and drop to control the placement of the Box. With the 7 box sorting method provided by STUDIO and Box nesting, you can complete a variety of design styles.

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Is it possible for AI to understand human feelings?

What do you think of the idea of a robotic psychotherapist? Machines with EQ may soon be able to appear.

Over the past few decades, artificial intelligence has been very adept at reading human emotional reactions. But reading does not mean understanding. If AI can’t go through all sorts of emotions on its own, is it possible for them to really understand us?

If not, do we put ourselves in greater danger when we continue to rely on these machines? The latest generation of AI can learn from the growing size of big data, while having the ability to continuously improve processing. These machines are more competitive than people in dealing with many things. They can now recognize faces, turn human face graffiti into photos, recognize voice and play go.

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Password Leaking? Tips for You to Protect Your Password Easily!

June 13, 2018, the pop screen video site Acfun to the user publicly apologized, announced that the site was hacked, near the thousands user data leaked. Data leaks are no longer new, but when something like this happens, as an ordinary user, how can we effectively reduce losses and secure our accounts and information?

▍ Replace the reused password

After the leak, the first thing to do is to replace the leaked password. In addition to websites that leak passwords, you should also replace other website passwords registered with the same account name and password. For example, if you use the same mailbox and password registration in Acfun and Bilibili, then Bilibili personal information is dangerous since the personal data in Acfun is likely to have been compromised.

Many users will now use the password management tools that come with the system and browser.

For example, iOS users can try to view their account number and password in Settings-account & amp; password-app & amp; website password, and macOS users can manage “password” in Safari settings. If you’re using Google Chrome, you can find your own saved information in Settings-advanced-passwords and forms. If you turn on Smart Lock AutoFill, you can also manage passwords that you save on other devices in

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Do You Still Remember What the Most Popular Website Looked Like Ten Years Ago?

Not long ago, American developer Neal Agarwal went online with a website called Ten Years Ago, which houses historical snapshots of 15 popular websites such as Apple, Reddit, YouTube and Amazon, and you can quickly see a decade ago today, the home pages of these sites are what they have.

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Three Pioneers in Turing Award,Deep Learning Calls for Deep Understanding

March 27 local time, the American Computer Society announced that the 2018 Turing Award will be awarded to three pioneers in the field of deep learning-Joshua Yas Benguio, Jeffrey Sinton and Jarn Le Quin, to praise them for promoting deep neural networks as an important part of computer technology. The Turing prize is known as the “Nobel Prize in the computer World,” and the three winners are also famous scientists in the field of artificial intelligence.

Benguio is a professor at the University of Montreal, Hinton is vice president of Google, honorary professor at the University of Toronto, and Le Quin is a professor at New York University and chief artificial intelligence scientist at Facebook. “Artificial intelligence is currently one of the fastest growing disciplines in all fields of science and one of the most hotly debated topics in today’s society. Chery Pankaik, president of the American Computer Society, said this was due in large part to the remarkable progress made in recent years in the area of deep learning, which was based on the foundations of Benguio, Hinton and Le Quin.

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Android Version Updates, These 6 New Features You Should Know

After a few days of “smoke bombs” bombing, Google finally released the first Beta version of Android Q. What new changes did Android Q bring to us compared to the current official version of Android 9 Pie?

▍5 Beta versions As in previous years,

Google will open more than half a year of Beta testing programs for Android Q.

In terms of the timeline given at the moment, the official version of Android Q will be released as usual in the third quarter of this year, after which Google will push 6 Beta versions to collect test feedback, the first to be released today.

The next second version is expected to be pushed incrementally at the beginning of next month in an incremental update, combined with the earlier exposure of the Google I/O 2019 meeting Schedule, and we should use a third Beta test version around May 7. Continue reading

Want to be Vlogger? This free video material library, you must know

These days, the text, the picture is gradually not enough to carry and express our voice, no matter the big things have to make a video to be grand. Cutting videos also requires material, and when we don’t have enough video footage of ourselves, a free video footage site called Mixkit can help you.

Mixkit belongs to the global creative design material Community Envato, and Mixkit’s biggest feature is free. There is also a dedicated license page on Mixkit that you can use for free in commercial or non-commercial projects that allow downloading, copying, modification, distribution, and more. Continue reading

Popular face recognition in the car, is it an interactive advanced or a privacy disaster?

The more advanced the technology, the more sharp a double-edged sword.

Many of the scenes in our lives have been applied to face recognition, and the advent of the iPhone X has spread it to every aspect of our lives. Some people say that in the smart network today, cars similar to mobile phones, is slowly becoming a “mobile electronic device”, the use of the function on the mobile phone can actually be applied to the car.

So we started thinking about what the technology would have in the car. Continue reading