Three Pioneers in Turing Award,Deep Learning Calls for Deep Understanding

March 27 local time, the American Computer Society announced that the 2018 Turing Award will be awarded to three pioneers in the field of deep learning-Joshua Yas Benguio, Jeffrey Sinton and Jarn Le Quin, to praise them for promoting deep neural networks as an important part of computer technology. The Turing prize is known as the “Nobel Prize in the computer World,” and the three winners are also famous scientists in the field of artificial intelligence.

Benguio is a professor at the University of Montreal, Hinton is vice president of Google, honorary professor at the University of Toronto, and Le Quin is a professor at New York University and chief artificial intelligence scientist at Facebook. “Artificial intelligence is currently one of the fastest growing disciplines in all fields of science and one of the most hotly debated topics in today’s society. Chery Pankaik, president of the American Computer Society, said this was due in large part to the remarkable progress made in recent years in the area of deep learning, which was based on the foundations of Benguio, Hinton and Le Quin.

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Android Version Updates, These 6 New Features You Should Know

After a few days of “smoke bombs” bombing, Google finally released the first Beta version of Android Q. What new changes did Android Q bring to us compared to the current official version of Android 9 Pie?

▍5 Beta versions As in previous years,

Google will open more than half a year of Beta testing programs for Android Q.

In terms of the timeline given at the moment, the official version of Android Q will be released as usual in the third quarter of this year, after which Google will push 6 Beta versions to collect test feedback, the first to be released today.

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Want to be Vlogger? This free video material library, you must know

These days, the text, the picture is gradually not enough to carry and express our voice, no matter the big things have to make a video to be grand. Cutting videos also requires material, and when we don’t have enough video footage of ourselves, a free video footage site called Mixkit can help you.

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Popular face recognition in the car, is it an interactive advanced or a privacy disaster?

The more advanced the technology, the more sharp a double-edged sword.

Many of the scenes in our lives have been applied to face recognition, and the advent of the iPhone X has spread it to every aspect of our lives. Some people say that in the smart network today, cars similar to mobile phones, is slowly becoming a “mobile electronic device”, the use of the function on the mobile phone can actually be applied to the car.

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Apple vs Spotify, like Jobs vs Sony

Spotify, founded in Sweden, stabbed an apple in his hometown in Europe.
Last week, Spotify founder Daniel Ek sent a letter saying the company had filed a lawsuit with the European Commission accusing Apple of using a monopoly position to act as both an athlete and a referee, with numerous restrictions on Spotify on suspicion of unfair competition. European regulators have been increasingly regulating tech companies in recent years, and this week the European Commission issued a 1.7 billion-dollar ticket to Google over a contract between Google and advertisers that contained an exclusive agreement.
It is also the third year in a row that the EU has issued huge tickets to Google because of its monopoly. This lawsuit may be a test for Apple, and behind it is the inevitable result of the competition for streaming music.

Copyright spending: Spotify’s unbearable weight

Spotify even made a “fair competition” website, illustrated by Apple’s “unfair move”: Apple forced a 30% share, and Ek even referred to it as an “apple tax”; In addition, he said Apple blocked Spotify access Siri, Apple Watch, limit Spotify version updates.

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AirPods Wireless Charging Box Will Be Thicken and Weigh

Twitter user Max Weinbach today blasted that the airpower wireless charging pillow and AirPods wireless charging box would go on sale in the coming months.

Max Weinbach also mentioned the features of some AirPods wireless charging cartridges. He said that AirPods in the wireless charging box, only 15 minutes can be charged from 0% to 100%, this speed can be said to be very fast.

The current AirPods is in a wired charging box, and a 15-minute charge can provide 3 hours of battery life. However, thanks to the integration of Qi coils, the AirPods wireless charging box will thicken and weigh, while it will grow longer.

The AirPods 2 design is somewhat similar to Apple pencil 2, and the smooth surface turns into a matte texture. Finally, Max Weinbach also mentioned that iOS 13 does not add dark mode and dark mode will arrive in iOS 13.1.

The APP, which made the “Circle of Friends” function earlier than Twitter, died in its own pride

When many people hear that Path is shutting down, the first reaction is probably: “Is this goods still alive?” “But more people may be in a daze:” What’s the thing?

The stranger’s sense of Path is so much that many media outlets have to add an attributive to “faceboook’s former rival”, “facebook arch-rival” when reporting. Since its inception, Path has been inextricably linked to Facebook, whether it’s a private social positioning dedicated to Facebook and the origins of Dave Molin, a former Facebook product manager for founder Dave Morin. Continue reading

Facebook Apllies Artificial Intelligence to Optimize 360-degree Photos

Facebook has announced that it is using artificial intelligence technology to ensure that 360-degree photos uploaded to social networks are of high quality.

Facebook presented a system at the scale convention that uses deep neural networks to try to solve all sorts of errors encountered in uploading photos. If the user who took the 360-degree photo can’t keep the camera perfectly in line with the horizon, there will be an image tilt, and if you watch such an image in a VR device, it will affect the immersion and the effect will be poor.

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FB Promotes “React Fire” Plan to Revamp React DOM

Dan Abramov Gaearon, one of React developers, Redux and Create React App authors, announced a plan called React fire on issue React on GitHub. He said the goal of the project was to make React better aligned with the way the DOM works, and that the React team would revisit some of the controversial decisions made earlier and make React smaller and faster. Continue reading

Customize the Call Screen Greeting,Google Assistant Helps you Reject Nuisance Calls

With the development of the Pixel series models and the maintenance of the Android operating system, Google’s “eccentricity” of the former in terms of exclusive functionality is palpable to all.

As a result, there are many features of these exclusive features that make other OEMs and third-party ROM greedy, such as Call Screen, which appeared on stage with Pixel 31 last year. With simple voice-to-text (TTS) features and Google Assistant,call Screen, you can help us answer questions in advance when it’s not convenient for us to answer calls, ask each other about their intentions, and the answers will not only appear in text in the call interface, Google Assistant also provides a one-click Reply button based on the content stated by the other party.

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