What If There is No PS? These 4 Online Graphic Artifacts are Lightweight, Efficient and Free

Photoshop is a common tool for most jobs.
A lot of times we have to use these tools to meet some simple typography, picture processing, sizing, or to do some simple results, all of which require Photoshop. But a lot of times, we’re going to have a lot of embarrassment on our hands because there’s no Photoshop.

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Social Media is Full of Lies, Search Engines Rip the Truth Out

After years of research into search engines, Seth Davidowitz, a US data scientist, concluded that people lie, both in their daily lives and on social media, while search engines silently reveal the darkest truths in people’s hearts!

Social media makes people lie, search engines make people spit real “Everyone has varying degrees of exaggeration and cover-up about their image in life, on social media,” Dr. Seth Davidowitz said. “Where the cost of lying is minimal and people’s desire to lie is strongest, it’s social media.

” Life seems to be “three right” you, and search engine on the dark inside you, in the end how different? What kind of lies do we live in every day? Continue reading

Where Is the Future of Google Cloud After the Leadership Exchange?

Li Feifei is gone, and Li Jia, president of Google AI China Center, is gone. Now, Diane Green, Diane Greene, Google Cloud CEO, is also announcing his departure, replacing Thomas Courien, the former president of Oracle product development. During the two months, Google Cloud ushered in the largest high-level change in history.

As head of the cloud business, which Google has high hopes for, Diane Green, ‘s departure was no surprise. Because the cloud business she was in charge of grew by only about 3% in three years, Google Cloud’s cloud infrastructure services market share was around 5% three years ago, while the latest figures show the figure is 8%. That’s about half the number of Microsoft, only One-fourth of Amazon’s. Amazon’s AWS has a 34% market share, Microsoft ranks second with 15%, and Google Cloud 8% ranks fourth behind IBM, according to market research firm Synergy Research Group.

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We Collect All of the Self Built-in Wallpaper in Google Phones for You

As a wallpaper enthusiast, every year when Google releases the Pixel series of new machines, I am most looking forward to the new Pixel with its own wallpaper. Although this year’s Google launch will not be held until October 9, Twitter user Ishan Agarwal has uploaded the Pixel 3 series of HD wallpapers, giving us the opportunity to experience the charm of Pixel 3 HD wallpapers in advance. This article will bring you together to review the three generations of Pixel mobile phone with their own wallpaper.

This leaked Pixel 3 Series wallpaper style is diverse, including scenery, abstraction, overlooking, architecture, planets and other styles of pictures, like friends can download the experience of static version. If you have an Android device on hand that runs 8 or an updated version, you can also experience a dynamic version of the wallpaper by installing the Pixel wallpapers app.

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Subscribe Apps with This Method Can Save Your 50% Money

More and more applications or services are starting to use subscription charging models to support long-term application maintenance updates, some of which are pro-people, but some of which are really expensive. Fortunately, there are also many subscription services that have introduced a home subscription model, and if your family happens to need to use these services, it’s better to subscribe to the home version together. This article describes some apps or services that offer subscriptions in Home Edition mode.

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Which Prophecies Will Become True in 2019?

Let’s talk about big company dynamics – these companies have grabbed many headlines and hot spots in 2018.

Facebook: Is there no time for Sandberg?

The Washington Post article said that Facebook had at least 21 major scandals in 2018. Whether it’s 21 or not, Facebook’s 2018 is a bit sad. Under the continuous scandal, more and more users lost confidence in Facebook and thought that the latter (and other similar companies) could not protect the privacy of users.

Who is responsible for a series of Facebook issues?

In theory, Sandberg is responsible for day-to-day operations as a COO. On the other hand, as the top leader of Facebook, he has not only been severely criticized by many technology media, but also urged to “resign quickly”. Despite this, the tight grasp of Facebook’s Sandberg has repeatedly stressed that he will not resign in negative public opinion.

Under this circumstance, many media predicted that Sandberg will leave the old club that has been working for more than ten years in 2019. After all, she will also take CXO level positions in other companies and also repair her personal image. .

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StepBeats – An Amazing Apps for You to Listen Music While Running

Choosing a rhythm-appropriate song list while running is not a simple job because the rhythm of the music and the frequency of your pace during running are rarely consistent. If there is a kind of music that can follow the frequency of our running, it is better to automatically adjust your rhythm. StepBeats can do this.

Opening the StepBeats is a bunch of dynamic green balls that are slamming around the screen, and their movements are calculated based on the iPhone’s movement status. Touch the screen while running, the dynamic music will be automatically generated, and it will adjust bpm (music speed, ie how many beats per minute) according to your gait so that the dynamic music and your pace are in harmony.

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News in One Sentence: Tesla plans to cover the entire European network next year.

Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that Tesla plans to cover the entire European network with a supercharger next year.

Tesla began preparing for the Model 3 sales in the European market in November and said that the European version of the car will be equipped with a Joint Charging System (CCS) fast charging compatible port. In addition, Tesla said it will upgrade existing charging stations.

From Online to Offline, Alibaba Brings Revolutions to China Retail Space

Breaking news: “A new type of offline store opened up in HangZhou and run by Alibaba.” The most feature of such type of store is that there is no any staff working in the store and everything of it is totally automatic. In order to enhance customer experiences, Alibaba launched this experimental cashier-less store called “Tao Cafe” with their “new retail” strategy. Base on the big data technology, Tao Cafe will provide customers with amazing shopping experiences which have never seen before. Thousands of people who had visited this new, unstaffed store are satisfied with it and they give high praise to the new-type store.

However, Alibaba was not the first company to have and execute the idea. Amazon had already opened an unstaffed store in US at the end of 2016. Of course, there are many differences between Amazon’s staff-less store and Tao Cafe. Continue reading

Uninstall ClamXav for Mac with The Best Removal Guides of 2017

Hey guys, I had not wrote a word on the blog for a couple of days and I’m back from my vacation now. I will keep sharing you with the high quality Mac technology article to help you learn more about things of Mac. Today, I’m going to show to how to uninstall ClamXav which is a kind of virus scanner for Mac. If you want to uninstall ClamXav installed on your Mac before, you can read this 2017 ClamXav removal tips to completely remove this Mac security software in just a few of minutes. You have no need to worry about the leftovers remained on the system if you follow my instructions step by step. I will tell you how to find the junk files, invalid folders out to let you clean them up without any traces.

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