How Can Totally Uninstall Kuaizip From macOS With Simple Steps

Unable to uninstall Kuaizip or just encounter a removing problem with this program? The Kuaizip removal on Mac sometimes is not as easy as you think, so you might need some tricks to help you clear this app well.

What is Kuaizip

Uninstall Kuaizip

Developed by Shanghai Guangle Network Technology, Kuaizip for Mac is a file compression and decompression tool Continue reading

From Online to Offline, Alibaba Brings Revolutions to China Retail Space

Breaking news: “A new type of offline store opened up in HangZhou and run by Alibaba.” The most feature of such type of store is that there is no any staff working in the store and everything of it is totally automatic. In order to enhance customer experiences, Alibaba launched this experimental cashier-less store called “Tao Cafe” with their “new retail” strategy. Base on the big data technology, Tao Cafe will provide customers with amazing shopping experiences which have never seen before. Thousands of people who had visited this new, unstaffed store are satisfied with it and they give high praise to the new-type store.

However, Alibaba was not the first company to have and execute the idea. Amazon had already opened an unstaffed store in US at the end of 2016. Of course, there are many differences between Amazon’s staff-less store and Tao Cafe. Continue reading

Uninstall ClamXav for Mac with The Best Removal Guides of 2017

Hey guys, I had not wrote a word on the blog for a couple of days and I’m back from my vacation now. I will keep sharing you with the high quality Mac technology article to help you learn more about things of Mac. Today, I’m going to show to how to uninstall ClamXav which is a kind of virus scanner for Mac. If you want to uninstall ClamXav installed on your Mac before, you can read this 2017 ClamXav removal tips to completely remove this Mac security software in just a few of minutes. You have no need to worry about the leftovers remained on the system if you follow my instructions step by step. I will tell you how to find the junk files, invalid folders out to let you clean them up without any traces.

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Uninstall TomTom Home Easily from Mac – 2017 Guides

Hey guys, if you have the requirements of removing TomTom Home on your Macs, I guarantee you that this is the right place for you to uninstall TomTom Home ( Version for Mac ) completely. Today, I’m about to share you the 2017 removal guides then with the simple method, your mind would be lighted up and clearly learn how to have the TomTom Home removed in just a couple of minutes. The instructions I’m going to write down is the fastest and simplest way and if you would like to learn comprehensive knowledge about the software removing issues, you can visit here directly to get more information.
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How to Uninstall HandBrake for Mac with Only Steps

Want to uninstall HandBrake for Mac and take another kind of media converter to replace it? Today, I will share the best removal guides of 2017 with you. If you have no idea about how to completely remove HandBrake for Mac, you can just use the method which was tested by our lab to accomplish the removing mission.It will not only clean up HandBrake for Mac but will also delete junk files, duplicate files and other rubbishes generated on the Mac OS X.That is the simplest way you had better have a try if you are lack of technical knowledge of the computer.

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