Do You Still Remember What the Most Popular Website Looked Like Ten Years Ago?

Not long ago, American developer Neal Agarwal went online with a website called Ten Years Ago, which houses historical snapshots of 15 popular websites such as Apple, Reddit, YouTube and Amazon, and you can quickly see a decade ago today, the home pages of these sites are what they have.

▍ First generation iPhone, Harry Potter and “Startup”Facebook

A decade ago, Apple’s official website was also using the classic high-light fillet design, when the first iPhone went on sale, and the entire home page was showcasing iPhone and iPhone related content. 2007 or “Harry · Porter and the Sorcerer’s Stone went on sale for the 10 anniversary, while fans ushered in the final chapter of the series, “Harry.” Porter and the Deathly Hallows, in the best-selling list on Amazon’s official website, the top 10 bestsellers were “Harry Porter “series takes up most of it.

YouTube may be the most varied of these sites, compared to the “simple design” of “white background + several numbers” now, when the site looks a bit messy, with “Powered by google” next to the search box, and they’ve just added new features to the site Watch and upload videos from your phone.

Some sites have changed a lot, some sites have not changed at all, such as Reddit, if you do not look at the content, you may not see at all this is a decade ago Web page?

But earlier Reddit announced that they were preparing a major revamp of the home page of the site.

Another site that hasn’t changed is Y Combinator’s Hacker News, which was just created in early 2007 and initially didn’t have a clear name until August 14, 07, when it was officially named Hacker News.

Looking at the hit news at the time, Facebook was clearly the focus of the discussion, and the second-ranked article was skeptical of Facebook’s prospects for development.

▍ Ten years ago, what was the “popular website” in China?

It is still possible to see what these sites looked like ten years ago, thanks in fact to the Internet archive”Internet Archive (, a nonprofit website set up in 1996 that holds digital information about a large number of websites By 2014, it had stored more than 400 billion of its website pages.

Not only are there foreign websites, you can also see a lot of the early appearance of popular websites in China here.

We are more familiar with these portals, Sina, Tencent, Sohu and NetEase almost grow exactly the same, at that time Tencent is still in the main push QQ,QQ space, QQ show have occupied the obvious location of the home page.