eBay Will Soon Let You Shop With Photos This Fall

Have you ever been wanted to buy something you meet but don’t know how to describe it on the online shop? There is now a good news that would let you can buy something you see via uploading its photo, and this new feature will soon be available in eBay.


eBay develops and introduces two new image recognition features in recently, which allow the users to update a photo to find and purchase the product they need, and they will be put into use in mobile app this fall, and desktop version will arrive later.

What are the two new image recognition features? One is called Image Search, people can upload a photo to eBay and find the similar products on the online shop; the other is Find It On eBay feature, people can tap on any image on any other website and social media and share to eBay to get a list of products which matching the main features on the image.

Mohan Patt, eBay vice president of buyer experience said “We want to make the entire internet shoppable by the image.”

The new feature is regarded as a big move for eBay and will significantly improve the user experience, this new features will be widely used on the street and the social media when people finding something they are interesting and want to buy.