Facebook Takes Actions to Fights Against Spy Apps

Facebook users’ data and privacy are always the target of many hackers and spyware, and Facebook has decided to pay more attentions and efforts to prevent the spy applications from accessing its users’ data.

Facebook has long been under the pressure to protect their users’ account and personal privacy, especially then the American Civil Liberties Union released a report to expose how Geofeedia track protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri via collecting and using the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users’ data. So it’s time for time to make the account security to be safer from being stolen by those spyware. So, the company has taken some measures to enhance the account protection.

facebook against spyware

Measure one: update Facebook and Instagram policies to prohibit developers from using data collected from those platforms via the surveillance tools

Measure two: take actions to against developers to created and released surveillance tools which violate the company’s policy.

What’s a Spyware

Spyware is a malicious and sly applications that would monitor your behavior on the computer, and gather the personal information and data without users’ consent and knowledge, such as the user’s account, password, and the personal information you entered on a website. The spyware usually sneaks to the computer and camouflage as a legitimate application or process, so it is hard to be found instantly by the user, and it is often recommended to apply a good antivirus program to protect the computer from spyware attack.

Popular spyware in recently and the removal guides: