Gmail For iOS Gets New Anti-Phishing Feature For Suspicious Links

Want get more protection on iOS devices and avoid those dangerous phishing attack? Google introduced a new anti-phishing feature for Gmail on iOS devices in recently, which will display a warning when people get a suspicious link in Gmail message.

Gmail For iOS Gets New Anti-Phishing Feature

Phishing attack is always a hot issue on the Internet, especially on the mobile device, with Google introduced the same feature on for Gmail on Android earlier this year, it continues to spread this kind of protection on the iOS devices, when there is a suspicious link appears on the email app, Gmail will display a security warning which alerts you that this is an unsafe link will lead to an unsafe website, and suggest you not to click or open it, however, you also can still choose to open the link if you are sure that it is safe.

Further more, this anti-phishing feature is double-layered that will warn you again if you choose to proceed – “The site you are trying to open has been identified as a forgery designed to trick you into disclosing financial, personal or other sensitive information.” And users also can choose to report an incorrect warning to Gmail.

To protect the computer and mobile products better, Google are always on the road of improving their products and services, and we also need to do something like applying a professional antivirus app on the computer to fight against various malicious viruses and threats.