Google Home and eBay can Tell How Much Your Item Is Worth

Have you ever wondered how much your possessions resting in your garage could be worth? This problem could be solved perfectly in nowadays as long as you get a Google’s new “Home” device.

On Wednesday, Google introduced a new feature in its new new “Home” device at the Google Cloud Next conference, which can help the user to appraise their certain stuffs, through a partnership with eBay, and it is regarded as a personal shopping assistant – “shopbot”.

Google Home and eBay

Google also said that “eBay is now a Google Cloud Platform user”, with this new tool released by both two big firms, people will easily get an appraisal of a specific stuff via asking the “shopbot” how much it could be worth.

When the new and powerful devices was introduce, RJ Pitman, eBay’s CPO, said “In the spirit of going to where our customers are, we’ve taken it to Google Home because we want to get inside the home.”

Additionally, Pitman also present how to use the new device in the conference

  • Firstly, RJ Pittman asked a Google Home if he could talk to eBay, and the devices will soon be activated.
  • “Hi, I’m eBay. I’m the world’s price guide. You can ask me what something is worth,” the eBay chatbot reply and introduced itself quickly
  • After then, Pitman ask how much his camera was worth, and the device will not provide the price directly, but ask for more information like the brand, model as well as how long it has been used. Then finally, it provide a appraisal of the camera.

As we can see that technology really change a lot for our life, and more and more useful tools will definitely be created and used by our human beings to change our life.