Hackers Broke U.S. Voting Machines Within 2 Hours At Defcon

Is the important voting election on United States safe enough? Have you ever thought that the elections also might be hacked and affect the election? A new test at Las Vegas’ Defcon will tell you that it would be possible for the voting machine being hacked.

Hackers At Defcon

Voting machine is always the most important equipment in the voting election like the presidential election, but there is rare opportunity for people to verify whether it is safe or easily hacked and controlled by the hackers. Just in last weekend, there was a good opportunity in the Voter Hacking Village at Defcon, Las Vegas, more than 30 voting machines are brought to the convention and provide a rare opportunity for hackers to find bugs and flaws of security in these machines. And finally, Carsten Schürmann, an associate professor with IT-University of Copenhagen, successfully cracked into a voting machine in one hour and a half.

The voting machine Schürmann compromised is Advanced Voting Solutions WinVote machine, which usually equipped with very simple password and widely used in some important elections in the country. So it is an important chance for people and the government to realize the security of the voting machine in this country, which is closely related to the equality, and accuracy of the elections.