How Can Totally Uninstall Kuaizip From macOS With Simple Steps

Unable to uninstall Kuaizip or just encounter a removing problem with this program? The Kuaizip removal on Mac sometimes is not as easy as you think, so you might need some tricks to help you clear this app well.

What is Kuaizip

Uninstall Kuaizip

Developed by Shanghai Guangle Network Technology, Kuaizip for Mac is a file compression and decompression tool, like WinRar or WinZip, files with .rar, .zip format are all supported to work, and it is also capable of opening CD and DVD disk images in iOS as well as other formats.

Kuaizip, PUP or virus?

Besides the general features and usages providing by Kuaizip, it is also an ad-supported app that would create many annoying ads like the online shopping and coupons, so some security websites or products also categorize the app as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) or even a virus. No matter what, the important point of this post is to help you uninstall Kuaizip app from the Mac, if you are going to do so, you can look at the following instructions and try the provided solutions to get rid of the program effective from OS X.

Why many people unable to uninstall Kuaizip

Many people have such a common gripe that the application is difficult to be removed in a common manner, and they have to face an incomplete removal when they take the most traditional way to remove Kuaizip manually on the Mac. So, what’s the key to successfully uninstall the program from Mac OS X? You will need a way that allows you to clean out all of its dependencies without any leftover on the device, which is the best thing since sliced bread.

How can uninstall Kuaizip for good on Mac

1.Traditional and manual plan: remove it via the Trash on Mac

  • Quit Kuaizip running on the Mac
  • If you suspect that the app is running at the background of the computer, you can try to find it in Activity Monitor (click on GoUtility — double click to open Activity Monitor), and Quit the associated process

Activity Monitor“ of Mac

  • Click on GoApplications, and drag the Kuaizip to the Trash on Dock
  • After then, continue the program removal and open the Library folder: click on GoGo to Folder… — enter “~/Library/” and open it

  • Double click on Application Support to open it, and delete Kuaizip’s support files and folders

Application Support under Library folder

  • Back to the Library folder, and open Preferences this time to clear the app’s traces inside

Preferences under Library folder

  • The same, clear app’s caches in the Caches folder

Caches under Library folder

  • When complete all of these removing steps, right-click on the Trash, and select Empty Trash


2.Alternative plan A (with smart uninstaller): uninstall Kuaizip with MacKeeper

To totally remove Kuaizip in a much easier way, the specific uninstaller MacKeeper could be a good solution for you to get rid of this app quickly from the computer, it is capable of scanning all of related files and show you on the list, and then you can clear them via click on the Remove button.

  • Click on Launchpad icon, and click to open MacKeeper on the Mac
  • Expand the menu of ADVANCED TOOLS, click Smart Uninstaller
  • Click on Scan at the bottom to let the MacKeeper to check all the installed applications on your Mac

  • Select the checkbox next to Kuaizip, and all of related files and folders will be displayed on the right side
  • Click on the Remove button, and select Remove all to finish the complete removal of Kuaizip

3.Alternative plan B (with security tool): remove the PUP with SpyHunter

As we mentioned above that some security websites and applications regard the Kuaizip as a adware or virus, so you can take a sophisticated security tool to quarantine and remove this app on the PC. SpyHunter is a security program you can trust to scan your Mac and remove SpyHunter.

  • Launch SpyHunter on the Mac, click on “Scan Computer Now” button to scan the computer

  • When the scan results display, click on “Fix Threats” button to remove all of viruses and threats from the Mac.

Warm notes: many professional third party tools cannot be used for free, but they are more sophisticated and perform much better than the traditional manual removal on the Mac. So choosing the manual option or affordable utility to uninstall Kuaizip and other applications, it’s entirely up to you.