How can Uninstall Norton AntiVirus Product Effective on Mac

Can’t uninstall Norton AntiVirus product by yourself on your Mac? This post is all about the useful instructions to help you get rid of the application effectively from your computer.

uninstall Norton AntiVirus product

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When talking about protecting the macOS from virus infection, many people would be the users of Norton AntiVirus security product, which is a very popular brand of security applications available online for Mac. And there is often a situation that people need to uninstall the item for some reasons (I’ll talk about it later), at this time, how to uninstall Norton AntiVirus product from Mac will be a difficult issue for many people. So maybe it’s necessary to talk something about this application as well as its proper removing way on the Mackintosh computer.

People might uninstall Norton AntiVirus product because:

  • It didn’t work as well as it claims
  • The app cause an incompatible issue with other programs on the Mac
  • Norton AntiVirus product encountering an error and should be reinstalled
  • Don’t need to use Norton AntiVirus security anymore

Norton AntiVirus is an important member of the Symantec’s big family, it provides several security products in different layers for protecting the computer in different OS, including the macOS. Many people are very confused about the right app uninstallation on a Mac computer, especially when they need to remove a big and complex one like the antivirus application. What’s more, some people just unluckily encounter some problems when they are trying to remove Norton AntiVirus product from their Macs, such as unable to remove all of trace, or the removing process stops suddenly, which make the situation worse. Therefore, I have to say that we all need a proper way to uninstall this application when we decide to remove it from the Mac.

Take these guides to uninstall Norton AntiVirus product on Mac

Way 1: using the Trash on Mac to remove Norton AntiVirus product

Most of you might heard about using the Trash to uninstall the application on Mac, but you guys might not know that it cannot finish the whole removal of the program, because there are usually some records, files and traces of the app still remained on the computer after trashing the program. So, how can perform a complete removal for the program? You should read the removing guides below carefully and complete all of steps.

Stop the running of Norton AntiVirus product on your Mac

  • Right-click on the program on Dock, click on Quit to disable the program
  • If it is probably running at the background, please click on Go >>> Utility >>> double click to open Activity Monitor

“Utilities“ under “Go“ menu of Mac

Activity Monitor“ of Mac

  • Locate the Norton AntiVirus product process on the list, click on Quick Process icon on the head menu

Remove Norton AntiVirus product process

  • Click on Go, and choose Applications

  • Locate Norton AntiVirus product on the list, and click on the remove button on the top menu, or directly drag it to the Trash to uninstall
  • Norton AntiVirus product

Clean all of its files which still remain on your Mac

  • Click on Go, select to open Library folder
  • Click on Go to folder…, and type ~/Library/ in the box, hit Return

  • If you can find it on the list, please just click to open it directly
  • Double click to open Application Support, delete Norton AntiVirus product’s files inside the folder, generally with the program’s name

  • Back to the Library folder, and open Preferences folder this time, clean
  • Norton AntiVirus product associated files inside

  • The same, back to Library and open Caches, and delete Norton AntiVirus product’s files inside

Cleaning all of the Norton AntiVirus product’s files is totally getting rid of the application on the Mac, so you should be very patient during the manual removal, and make sure everything relating to the application has been deleted well.

Way 2: uninstall Norton AntiVirus product completely with a professional uninstall utility

How could be an effective removal for the application? It should be able to finish the whole removal in a few minutes, and don’t need to user to take too many steps. And a good app uninstall utility for Mac just can do such a removing job for you, to complete the Norton AntiVirus app removal with a good uninstaller like MacKeeper, you just need to take the following steps to finish the whole removal.

  • Click on Launchpad icon, and click to open MacKeeper on the Mac
  • Expand the menu of ADVANCED TOOLS, click Smart Uninstaller
  • Click on Scan or Start Scan at the bottom to let the MacKeeper to check all the installed applications on your Mac

  • Select the checkbox beside Norton AntiVirus product, and all of related files and folders will be displayed on the right side
  • Click on Remove button to completely uninstall Norton AntiVirus product

Quite easy and fast, right? This is just the big difference between the standard means and the advanced means to uninstall Norton AntiVirus product as well as other applications on Mac.

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