How can Uninstall Opera in A Good And Easy Way

Need help to uninstall Opera on Mac? What kind of problem troubling you to remove the web browser successfully? If you are still looking for a way to remove the application, maybe this article is helpful for you and contributes an effective way to help you get rid of it from the macOS.

uninstall Opera for Mac

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Opera for Mac is a popular web browser as the Google Chrome and Safari, and provides specific features like Speed Dial, private browsing, and pop-up blocking, but now the problem is on the application’s removal, many Opera users cannot find an effective way to uninstall Opera when they need to delete it from their Macs, so what are the problems that usually prevent the user to remove this web browser?

  • Problem 1: don’t know how can uninstall an app on Mac (for new users)
  • Problem 2: Opera removing process crashes unexpectedly
  • Problem 3: associated files of the browser cannot be totally removed

If you unfortunately come across such a problem when removing Opera on the Mac, you will need the following instructions to uninstall the program well from your computer.

Optional solutions to uninstall Opera from macOS

Remove it manually with the Trash on Mac

Mac supports user to remove application via dragging the app’s icon to the Trash, but the complete removal often requires the user to delete those files and preferences additionally which are left behind after the removal. And what’s more, please remember to quit the program on the Mac before you start to uninstall it.

Step 1: click on Go on the top menu, select Application

Find Opera in the folder, and drag it to the Trash

Step 2: If you find the program still display on your Launchpad, you can take this way to delete it – only for Mac App Store apps. (if you do not have this problem, please to to the 3 step)
Open Launchpad, hold down the Option key, then the icons will start jiggling
Click on the “X” at the top left corner of the application’s icon

Step 3: delete its associated files leaving on your Mac
When you drag an application to the Trash, its preferences, caches and logs still remain on your hard drive. you should delete all of these items to achieve a complete removal.

  • Click on Go again, and select Library, if you can’t find it on the sub-menu, please click on Go to folder…

  • Enter the specific directory of the Library folder: ~/Library/

  • Click on Application Support folder, delete Opera associated files inside

  • Back to the Library folder, and click on Caches, delete all the related caches

  • Click to open Preferences on Library either, and remove those preferences of Opera

For some people, this way of Opera removal is not so easy to handle on their Macs, and they often need to take many manual steps in order to delete this application thoroughly. Therefore, there is another way here that can allow people to remove Opera more quickly and easily.

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Uninstall Opera with a reliable Mac app uninstall tool

Professional uninstall tool for Mac is often a good helper for people removing unwanted applications from the computer, different from the manual removal on Mac, people can get a relatively automatic removal to totally get rid of the unwanted item from the computer.

MacKeeper is an outstanding Mac optimized tool that provides a smart uninstaller to remove application for the user, and here are the details about to remove Opera with this advanced utility.

  • Open MacKeeper on your Mac, click on ADVANCED TOOLS if you cannot find the uninstall utility on the left pane
  • Click on Smart Uninstaller on the list, and you will see all the application installed on your Mac, if the programs do not reveal completely, please click on Scan button to refresh the list.

  • Select Opera on the box, make sure you select all of associated components it present to you
  • Click on the Remove button at the bottom, and then continue to click on Remove all to uninstall Opera

  • Done! The program has been removed completely on your Mac

Additional tips: how to clear history on Opera

  1. Launch Opera on the Mac, and click on the Opera icon
  2. Select Preference on the sub-menu
  3. Click Privacy & security, and select Clear Browsing Data

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