Icecream PDF Editor – The Free and all-around PDF Editor on Windows

We have introduced PDF Expert, pdfelement and other PDF professional editor, but if you only occasionally need to do some hands on the PDF, spend hundreds of yuan to buy the above App is a bit worthless. In this case, the completely free icecream PDF Editor may be able to win your favor.

▍ Powerful Editing Features

Icecream PDF Editor’s UI design is in the same tune, with no extra elements to embellish. When you enter edit mode, the text area in the PDF document is recognized, free to edit, and set fonts, font sizes, colors, and so on, just as natural as Word documents.

You can also insert images and lines, arrows, shapes, etc., and be able to stretch or rotate at will, with a higher degree of freedom. In addition to tinkering with a single page, icecream PDF Editor also supports the consolidation, segmentation, sequencing, and other operations of PDF pages, calling it an excellent all-around player.

In the 1.17 version of the update, icecream PDF Editor also added support for Chinese, which is certainly good news for domestic users.

▍ Rich Callout Formats

In addition to editing, icecream PDF Editor is also an excellent PDF reading and labeling App, providing tools such as highlighting, underline, deleting lines, and selecting boxes. You can add comments, notes, and stamps, or hand-drawn content with a brush. On the right side of the interface, you can visually browse through all annotations and do the relevant things.

▍ Global Settings, Copyright Protection

Hard to change the completion of a paper, of course, to add a lock to the peace of mind. Icecream PDF Editor allows you to set document passwords, restrict editing, labeling, printing, form filling, copying content, and more, and add global watermarks.

You can download the Windows version of Icecream PDF Editor free of charge on the official website, which is not yet supported in Chinese, and the MacOS version is still under development.