Inkwire – A Smart Remote Assistance and ScreenShare App

As a native Android user, I prefer to look for possible alternative apps in the flowering Android ecosystem.

Inkwire, from the renowned third-party Recovery development team ClockworkMod, is a small app that perfectly addresses the need for Remote Assistance between Android users. Inkwire’s design is very simple, the main interface is divided into blue and white tones up and down two parts: the controlled party clicks on the Share button on the top half for screen sharing, and then generates a 12-bit authorization code (Access code) The controller can assist remotely after clicking the control button below the app’s main interface and entering the 12-bit authorization code.

Interestingly, Inkwire actually uses screen recording for Remote Assistance, and the controller can view the controlled party’s screen in real time, but cannot remotely operate it directly on his or her mobile phone. To solve this problem, Inkwire gave the controller a “laser pointer”–“when the controlling party is viewing the contents of the Controlled party’s screen, his actions are displayed on the controlled party’s screen in the form of a small red dot. The specific effects are as follows:

In addition, the Remote Assistance process, the two sides can also open the microphone through the Inkwire notification, in the screen demo at the same time supplemented by voice communication.

As a simple design, easy to get started, easy to use tool application, Inkwire is completely free.

Despite its conscience, it is still unable to take the kinship route like the Remote Assistance feature in Smartisan OS-the use of inkwire requires a scientific way of surfing the Internet, an objective condition that most older generations do not have … Still, you can use it to help friends around you solve some basic phone problems, or to help users of the Android ecosystem learn some basic things.

If the network conditions are good enough, two people use Inkwire to see a movie in a different place is completely out of the picture. You can download inkwire for free at the Play App Store (Https://