Letter-based lock – Funny But Useless Application

Letter-based lock, that is, “text-based Clock”, as the name implies, text as the way of display of time. The most common is that on a dial full of English letters, some letters are lit and spelled into a description of the current time. The pixel clock to be introduced today is one such application.

Turn on the pixel clock and don’t be intimidated by its still picture, thinking it’s just a screenshot. In fact, the Seconds Dot in the lower right corner keeps flashing, reminding you of the passage of time.

When we tap the screen, a white dot appears in the lower-left corner and you can click to enter the Settings screen. In the settings, you can modify the font, color, and background color of the text, or switch Minutes Dot and Seconds Dot.

Although the letter-based Clock looks beautiful, its biggest flaw is that the time statement is too vague, generally only accurate to five minutes. The Minutes Dot in the pixel clock solves this problem very well. When the Minutes Dot is turned on, a few dots appear at the bottom of the screen, prompting you that the current time is several minutes longer than the expression.

At work, you can put your phone on the sidelines and turn on the pixel clock as a fixture. When taking photos for your device, you might as well use it as a decoration.

The pixel clock also offers the Apple Watch app, where you can run it and change your face for your watch. If you are interested in pixel clocks, you can buy it at $0.99 in the App Store.