Listen to Podcast – The Free and Nice Look Podcast App

There is no shortage of excellent third-party podcast apps on iOS, from Overcast to Castro to Agora 2, and these podcast apps are designed with great emphasis on design and experience. Today, I recommend the Listen to Podcast, which is also a high-value podcast application. Its background uses a combination of black and gradient colors. The gesture-based interactive design also makes the application experience more natural and smooth.

The Listen to Podcast gesture is very simple. You can switch between the “My Library” and “New Episodes” pages by swiping the edges, and swiping to the left to add a show. However, compared to Agora2 , a podcast application that also uses gesture design  , the effect of Listen to Podcast is much weaker. In addition, it may be because the iOS and Android versions of Listen to Podcast use the same design style, and the application as a whole gives a “mashup” feeling.

Sliding gesture


The reason why I say the design of the Listen to Podcast is because the background color of the application makes the application look more refreshing and beautiful, and the layout of the interface does not appear crowded. On the “New Episodes” page, Listen to Podcast only shows 4 episodes, and my favorite Pocket Casts can display 8 episodes. This design reduces the amount of information presented on the page, but the advantage is that it highlights the cover of the podcast, making the cover and background colors more versatile.

Listen to Podcast

Listen to Podcast Just recently, it’s not very comprehensive in terms of podcast playback. However, basic functions such as automatic download/delete podcast programs and double-speed playback are still available. Fortunately, developers have announced subsequent development plans in the app, and sleep timers, audio enhancements, and reviews will be added in later versions. If you’re also looking for a relatively lightweight and unsophisticated podcast app, you can pick it up when Listen to Podcast is free now.

You can  download Listen to Podcast in the  App Store , and the Android version is still under development.