Little Flocker Removal Guides: How Can Uninstall It Successfully

Recently, there are several people ask me an effective solution to remove Little Flocker from Mac, which make this app removal become a hot issue that difficult to be handled by the common users, so, it’s time to say something about this program and work out the best solution to remove Little Flocker from Mac.

uninstall Little Flocker

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Little Flocker for Mac is security tool that control the installed applications and system processes access to the files, those who have no permission will be blocked by the program and won’t be able to access the item they want. This macOS application is made by the famous security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, but now it has been purchased by F-Secure and renamed as Xfence.

Why it can’t be removed smoothly on computer?

As a security program limiting the rights of allowing the program accessing to the files, Little Flocker creates many files and data on the Mac, which is not only located on the installed package, but also other associated folders such as the library, Preferences, and Application Support folders. So it is not easy for the people to completely remove these associations from the computer. And moreover, besides this challenge of removal, people would get other problems and issues when trying to uninstall Little Flocker from the Mac, such as unable to find an uninstall process, cannot drag it to the trash and etc.

To remove Little Flocker from macOS in a right way, you need some good and effective instructions to perform the removal on the computer, especially for those people who are actually new for the Mac.

Suggestions and methods to uninstall Little Flocker from Mac

1. Remove it with the macOS built-in uninstall feature

As an advanced operating system in nowadays, macOS itself provides a very easy-to-use removing feature for the user, for the unwanted file and application which need to be removed from the Mac, people just need to drag the item to the Trash, and it would be moved from the computer. However, this way of removal has shortcomings either, which is the incomplete removal, trashing the program on Mac would not completely remove it, and you should delete its associated files additionally in the related folders.

Specific steps to uninstall Little Flocker manually on Mac

  • Make sure the Little Flocker program has been stopped running on the Mac before start the removal
  • Click on the Finder on the DOCK
  • Select Applications on the left pane, and find the Little Flocker in the Applications folder

  • Locate the Little Flocker program, and drag the app’s icon to the Trash
  • Right click on the Trash, and select Empty Trash

  • Restart your Mac, and then go to clean its vestiges in the hard disk
  • Head to GO > Go to folder…

  • Type “~/library/” in the box, and hit the Return key

  • Double-click to open these folders in the Library, and clear Little Flocker’s related files completely: Application Support / Containers / Preferences

After removing the application as well as cleaning its files on the associated folders, the Little Flocker application would be completely removed from the Mac, but many people think that it is not a wise solution to get rid of the program because of the complex and time consuming deletion. If you also think so and want to change another way to conduct the Little Flocker removal, a sophisticated removal tool for Mac could be a good alternative.

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2. Uninstall Little Flocker with MacKeeper’s Smart Uninstaller

To erase the application effectively from the macOS, advanced utility MacKeeper can do a great help for the users, there is a smart and professional uninstaller contained in this powerful utility, which allow the user to remove the program they want quickly and thoroughly. To uninstall Little Flocker well with the MacKeeper, one can check the following removing steps:

  • Open MacKeeper on your Mac, click on ADVANCED TOOLS if you cannot find the uninstall utility on the left pane
  • Click on Smart Uninstaller on the list, and you will see all the application installed on your Mac, if the programs do not reveal completely, please click on Scan button to refresh the list.

  • Select Little Flocker on the box, make sure you select all of associated components it present to you
  • Click on the Remove button at the bottom to uninstall Little Flocker, and click Remove all

  • Done! The program has been removed completely on your Mac

If you would not like to perform the manual removal every time when need to uninstall the program, you could consider to take such an uninstall utility to complete the app removal for you.

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