Make Your Mac Look Beautiful When it’s Idle: 8 MacOS Screensavers Recommended

In the early years of the big head display, a screen saver was needed to prevent it from burning out. After the popularity of modern displays, screensavers have lost their original value as a legacy of history. However, antiquities can always renew new machines, and screensavers still play a unique role in decoration, display time, and preview information.

Screensavers on the Mac have also been in development for many years, but in recent years, with the decline in demand and the proliferation of programming languages, many well-known screensavers have been unable to continue to be used in recent generations of systems. Like the screengram showing the Ins photo wall on the lock screen, and the arc of the hot search keywords, they have been in disrepair for years.

But I believe that there are still people who like personalized screensavers. This collection is for you. The eight screensavers have withstood the test of system upgrades and still work today.

The most beautiful wallpaper: Aerial

When the work is tired, stop and look at the Golden Gate Bridge in the mist?

Aerial brings us a group of beautiful aerial photography. These videos are taken from Apple TV’s screensaver video, and each volume of up to 100 megabytes of video has been declared to be different from other screensavers. Just leave the work window briefly, activate Aerial, and you can jump into the shallow seas of Hawaii or go to Las Vegas for a while.

Project Address: JohnCoates/Aerial: Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac

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 minimalist clock: Fliqlo

Practical and beautiful, Fliqlo is one of the most popular screensavers. The retro interface of the page-turning calendar combines the beauty of electronics and mechanics, as if to bring you back to the iPhone camera is not prominent, the golden arch is also called the golden years of McDonald’s.

If you don’t mention Fliqlo, this article is a “wild list.” As the net red on Ins, Fliqlo users have to lock a screen to take pictures, just to show Fliqlo. It is also madly launching the iOS version, and wants to turn your phone and tablet into photographic pens. However, it is recommended that you do not “contaminate” your circle of friends. This is why Angel Emily is already tired.

Fliqlo clearly has a Windows version, but the po owners are all showing the Mac, and the most unfortunate is to hang Fliqlo on the external display. It seems that everyone is quite “authentic right”. Privately thought, Fliqlo must be paired with the corners of the hair: get up and leave, the fingers inadvertently slip, the time calendar begins to turn over.

▍ Simpler clock: Padbury

As a junior player, Fliqlo is definitely not lost. But you are unwilling to be ordinary, you must hope for a more avant-garde clock screensaver, then another Padbury is for you.

The slender yet powerful font, like a mature apple from California, is infiltrated with long hours of sunshine, and each stroke and corner is a fierce post-modern art. In short, there is no special feature…

But this simplicity may be the reason many people choose Padbury. At least I am using this screensaver now.

Watch Screensaver for OSX

Compared to Fliqlo and Padbury’s minimalist digital interface, watch screensaver brings a more agile mock-up dial.

Simplicity and complexity are not contradictory, and the interface of the Swiss-like watch is vividly interpreted to balance the design. The orange, white and turquoise hands are walking on the deep dark background, like the old-fashioned car dashboard, so that you can work day and night, as if driving a piano paint Bugatti, riding the five rings… wake up, I’m going to deliver it soon.

The designer mentioned that he brought the “best thing” on the Apple watch to the Mac. Well, isn’t it good to have a watch on the dial?… Today, three generations are changing, and the watch platform is getting on the right track. I am looking forward to the day when I ported iOS or even macOS screensavers to watchOS.

 stopped work for inspiration: Dribbble Screen Saver

Want to get inspiration to the door? It’s a good idea to turn the best work on Dribble into a photo wall.Dribbble Screen Saver will showcase Dribbble’s recent hits on the lock screen, allowing you to stare at the screensaver for a whole day.

Start your journey of inspiration capture.

Hey carnival! iTunes illustration screensaver

This is the only screen saver that comes with the system in this article, and the effect is not inferior to the third party.

Going home during the summer vacation, I changed the lock screen wallpaper to the album cover of iTunes. If the bear child could not invade my computer, I would use the lock screen as a karaoke machine to play.

So the album will appear randomly in the screensaver, and a large piece is very handsome. Every album cover is clickable. Want to listen to “Viva la Vida”? Click on it and start playing.

However, in order to get good visual effects, you need to carefully manage the music, otherwise you will see the blank squares like dog skin plaster.

 beat with the music of: Soundstream

If your lock screen animation can change based on the surrounding sound, it must be very interesting. Soundstream visualizes the sound. Try playing the music while opening the screensaver and see how the glow on the screen responds to your rhythm.

If you don’t like it, or find that it doesn’t follow your rhythm, please  remove Soundstream in the  /Library/Screen Savers/.path, the system settings can not be uninstalled directly.

▍ findSilence: SwiftBubble

I still remember the spring of two years ago, the New MacBook was first introduced. On the dimly lit booth, “floating” an extremely thin and light MacBook, with a blown bubble in the screen, as if the weak buoyancy of the light thing left the MacBook into the air – you Only by looking at the big eyes can you find a metal support bar that is looming and pushed down. Stroking my Macintosh book air, I exclaimed: the is something over the Air…

The bubble touched a developer, so he made a bubble lock screen, so that all Apple computers can “float”. Today, we seem to have been fatigued, and it is hard to have something to make people excited. Try this bubble, it will remind you of the iPhone4S water drop wallpaper, the iPad’s generation of star track background, and the mighty snow leopard on the OS X 10.6 box.

The beauty of things has been there, but we no longer have the eyes of the year.