Moleskine Actions – The Most Pretty To Do List Application of IOS

Following the launch of the Calendar app Moleskine time page a few years ago, the Italian notebook maker Moleskine recently launched a GTD app,–Moleskine Actions, which continues the elegant design and intuitive display list of physical notebooks. At the same time, compared with the complex OmniFocus and other app, actions functions are relatively simple, the cost of getting started is not high, GTD primer users and task matters are not many friends may like.

In Actions, the task list is weekly, you can only add tasks within 7 days, and the more distant tasks are all simply and roughly attributed to the “later”, which is designed to allow you to focus on short-term tasks without bothering the distant future.

Every day, all your tasks are arranged here in chronological order in the form of cards, and there are no other complicated lists or categories, which are very intuitive.

Please enter a picture title At the same time, Actions also has a good value, the interface does not have a complex decorative element, the distinction between different types of tasks are also through the flat color matching, low-key and concise. The interactive experience of Actions is even more enjoyable, such as many smooth and exquisite animations, delicate and melodious sound effects, as well as timely Taptic Engine vibration feedback. Thanks to such a refreshing, modern interface design, Actions makes the process of adding and viewing things a treat.

In order to make your use process more convenient and fast, Actions very attentively. For example, there are many ways to add things within the APP-click the button, drop-down interface, Widget components, 3D Touch, Siri …

You can find the quickest way to add things to any scene.

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At the same time, Actions also has a large number of user-friendly gesture operations, you only need to slip, pull down, drag and other gestures can do most of the operation.


Actions’ subscription price is ¥13/months or ¥80/years, and new users can now experience it for free for a week. Now you can download Moleskine Actions for free in the App Store.