“Monument Valley” is Here Finally After Two Years of Waiting

Early in 2016, developer Game Revenant released a monument Valley style puzzle game.

Although it has only a few 7 level puzzles, it presents a familiar and unique puzzle experience for players with a three-point shape and a unique puzzle solving mechanism with the Monument Valley. Now, the full version of this puzzle game is finally officially on the shelves of the App Store. The game has added a number of level puzzles, enriched the plot bridge segment, perfect art design and sophisticated puzzle solving mechanism, still let people love.

Where Shadows Slumber’s story takes place in a world caught in the dark. The protagonist Obe, as a lamp, tried to drive away the darkness of the world and illuminate all corners of the earth. In the face of darkness and loneliness, a light on the hand has become the only guide, and the change of shadow and shade illuminates the path to a bright future like magic. This is the road of collapse and fragmentation, and the shadow projected by the lamp can be restored as before. The puzzle of the whole game evolved from this simple mechanism, changing a variety of patterns.


Where Shadows Slumber a total of 8 chapters have been designed, with 5 levels per chapter, with the exception of the first chapter. The whole story was strung up from the gains and losses of the lamp. Obe from the forest World began a simple and pure adventure, encountered werewolf Beast was put in prison, bravely snatch the light after escaping, in the river villages escape, and encountered werewolves to hunt down the sea floating …

Shanhe Lakes, Desert Psalms, City, Obe all over the world will eventually bring the light back to Earth. The puzzle of light and shadow is fully combined with the level object, the pillars, the ropeway, the pulley …

Everything that can be used to block the light is a prop. When the towering minarets in front of the snow Castle block the light of Obe, another world of different worlds suddenly unfolds, and you can see the subtlety of the game.

There are many more moving places in the full version of where Shadows Slumber. The design of the level details is more abundant, and the styling design of the lamp people has also changed.

The shadow of the Monument Valley is still reflected in every corner of the game, but it is by no means the kind of rough imitation, but the essence of acquisition combines exquisite images with ingenious puzzles. The Forest River World showcases the natural scenery with a rough scene, while the Byzantine palaces and labyrinth corridors reflect the geometric beauty of the building, and how familiar and cordial the art design of the game is. The use of warm colors in snow castles and the fluttering of snow, reminiscent of the “Budapest Grand Hotel” scene, are surprising.

The difficulty of the game has become complicated from the second chapter, and you have to try poking all the things on the screen to find out where the mystery is, which is certainly great news for puzzle lovers.

Look back at the history of where Shadows Slumber, more than two years of waiting is worth it in the face of such exquisite results.