Need Perfect Wallpaper? Read This First and You Will Get the Perfect One

▍WLPPR: The power of nature is the coolest

WLPPR main aerial map of different landscapes, with another angle to show the natural style, let people feel the magic of natural power. Probably expected a lot of users will be like me in the home page repeatedly exclaimed, “Oh, my God, where is this?”

“, In addition to labeling the name of the location of the picture below the thumbnail, WLPPR also provides information about where the picture was taken, the formation of the geomorphology, and so on after entering the larger picture.

In addition to the free WLPPR ORIGINAL collection, you can also share or pay to unlock the remaining wallpaper collections, including MARS, MANKIND, LIFELESS, etc., and look at the home map to feel their cool painting style. WLPPR also supports a preview of wallpaper effects, providing two size picture downloads of Normal size and Bigger size.

▍Topia: The earth as a canvas

Although placed in the iOS category, Topia also offers the Android version. The same is the geomorphological aerial map, there is still a difference between Topia and WLPPR.

As far as I understand it, WLPPR is more inclined to show the shock of the landscape itself, while Topia allows people to view the geographic area of their interest, which can be seen from the arrangement of the first page picture: Topia shows parts of the picture in a bar thumbnail, and the place name appears in the center of the left side of the picture in striking white characters.

The picture area shown by the thumbnail moves as it moves on the screen, so you can see the effect of the picture “flowing” as you slide the screen, which is surprisingly good-looking. You can also find your area of interest through the search box above, exists your city’s aerial racket as a wallpaper (but currently search for China can only get the results of five cities).

▍Walllpaper: Focus on wallpaper painting

In addition to the above aerial photography and photographic works, there is a kind of pictures suitable as wallpapers is illustrations, they are usually gorgeous color, the content is also in the sky, but illustrations are different from the scenery, the images in the picture are often uniform, can not be cut at will, if the size ratio is not right, set as wallpaper will always cut the picture messy,

Lost its original sense of beauty.

Walllpaper in the case of maintaining the quality of the picture is a good solution to this problem, the application of the pictures are from foreign well-known websites Dribbble, in order to ensure that the proportion is appropriate, the picture size is also pre-cutting, the layout of the pattern are “just good”, especially suitable for use as a lock screen wallpaper. At present, there are only more than 200 pictures in the Walllpaper, but the painting style is very mature, if compared to the light and elegant scenery, you prefer colorful illustrations, you may wish to try the Walllpaper.

▍Unsplash: no copyright picture website for Craftsman Spirit

Unsplash is a non-copyrighted picture site that offers high-resolution picture downloads. Unsplash adds 10 new images every 10 days, you can subscribe to its updates, or you can view them in each new separate collection. The editor who picks the picture will be signed under the collection he is responsible for, quite a bit of a craftsman signing his work to guarantee the quality of the meaning.

Its search function is also very precise, you can search for the pictures you need based on simple keywords (so classification becomes unnecessary). The picture style here is quiet and fresh, the quality is extremely high, no matter what style of wallpaper you are looking for in the device, Unsplash will be a good choice.

▍PEXELS: Instagram in the wallpaper world

You may see a lot of images seen in Unsplash in Pexels, because Pexels itself is a website that crawls non-copyrighted images everywhere. Unsplah focus on quality, Pexels is better in the number of pictures, Pexels added 50 pictures a day, you can imagine how spectacular the total.

Pexels is also well controlled in image resolution, but the style is more modern and mixed (and curious) than Unsplash to meet different aesthetic needs. In Pexels, you can view other works by picture authors, and you can see the list of photographers who have been downloaded the most and have the most downloads in the last 30 days in Leaderboard. When downloading images, Pexels offers downloads of pictures of different sizes to suit the use of different devices.

▍Psiu Puxa: The magnificent picture of the Dark forest

The manifesto on the Psiu Puxa home page shows the attitude of the site–“We deliver the best hand-picked wallpapers to the universe”.

Its vision is no longer the landscape of the Earth, but into the entire universe. There are currently only 80 images of the entire site, but each one shows a full view of the outside of the Earth.

The images here are selected from astronomical websites such as NASA, the leading astronomical research University of Arizona, EESA, including nebulae, Martian landscapes and other galaxies, and are magnificent. The website provides laptops, tablets, mobile phones three sizes of wallpaper download, put such a picture on the screen, really will feel the journey ahead is the Star Sea bar.

▍World View Live Wallpaper: It’s your eye

World View Live Wallpaper is an app that provides “motion chart” wallpapers. Although it appears on your desktop as a static graph, it switches a live picture every minute or so. The difference between the two pictures is very small, such as the light on a tall building from the light to the extinguished, the clouds in the sky from the edge of the picture to the center of the picture, the lake has a slight ripple change.

But this small change can still make you feel connected to the rest of the world and see what kind of scenery you can’t reach at this moment. World view Live Wallpaper currently offers real-time images of eight cities, namely Grand Teton Peak, Jerusalem, Austin, San Francisco, Jerusalem, the Caribbean, New York, and Florida Lake District, which are no longer just place names, but places you can also reach from the screen.

▍Wallions: Wallpaper in the world tens

The name of Wallions is taken from the head and tail of “wallpapers for the billions”, which, by definition, is a website that provides a large number of picture downloads. Wallions makes the picture size and shape more intuitive.

When you put the mouse on the thumbnail, you can see the specific size of the picture value, when searching for pictures, will provide the choice of picture shape on the right side of the search box, divided into horizontal, portrait, square three kinds. However, perhaps because the number of pictures is too large, the quality is lower than the Unsplash, its style is more similar to the domestic photo of the picture area.

▍IDownload Wallpaper of the Week: the benefits of primary control IDownload Blog will launch a weekly theme of “Weekly wallpaper”, in addition to ordinary photography, but also recommend some design-rich pictures, such as BlackBerry geometric wallpaper, Hey Siri interface, Apple’s official circular project publicity map and so on, it will not be easy to find the right wallpaper

Apple devices, such as Apple Watch and Apple TV, offer wallpaper topics with a high level of style and Apple matching. Here is an exact size of the picture download, eliminating the hassle of picking and cropping.

If you like the style of the system native wallpaper, I’m sure iDownload won’t let you down.

▍Dual-Screen Background: Dual screen ≠ two screens

Look at the name of the website to know that Dual-Screen Background is concerned about the two-screen user’s wallpaper needs.

Dual-screen background A complete panoramic picture on two screens, each of which provides an extremely precise size selection for each MAC device, allowing the sights on the screen to exactly “Tenon” together.

The site currently has only 3 collection, a total of 11 sets of wallpapers, wallpaper style close to the Mac native style, and the equipment is very compatible. If you’re used to working with dual screens, use Dual-screen background to get your two screens to complete a “psychic Exchange.”