New Function of Google Selfies:Match Your Face to the Similar History Person

Google Arts & Culture is Google’s app that lets you watch the show on your phone. It includes more than 1200 museum collections in more than 70 countries around the world. Who can think that one day this app also has more selfie function?

Google has been on the line since the end of last year to match the famous painting, as long as you use the camera to take pictures of people, you can get a Google match to the famous painting.

The matching results for Google Arts & Culture are as follows:

Google automatically recognizes the face, and when it matches, the focus is on the face, and only this part is intercepted as a final rendering. Cool and warm Baiyu, Zhu Yilong We also tried it:
After a toss, we came to the conclusion that the degree of matching was roughly hovering around 50%, reaching a maximum of 63%.
This is also excusable, although it can be said to be the world’s largest online museum, but Google Arts & Culture included mostly foreign masterpieces, painting people are Asian relatively few, it can be seen that we and Europe and the European People’s appearance distinction is still very high. 
When the apple muscle in the picture is more beautiful product manager sister looked up to selfie, her apple muscle exposed more, matching to the famous painting is also a good cheek figure.
As she took a selfie sideways, her hair blocked part of her cheek, and the matching characters also had long curls. In order to match the different famous paintings, the sister also made a lot of faces, the final results show that the change of look, whether smile, mouth tensile degree can make people match to more different paintings, because this app, she said she took so many selfies.
It seems that whether it’s usually a selfie or not, the app is worth a try and may get the same “can’t stop at all” feeling.
Some decorations on the face, such as hair straps, also have an impact. For example, the four-word brother’s hair band is matched to the same “hair belt” of the painting, although it does not look like it, but the five levels and hair band characteristics have also been caught by Google.
In the match, we have also encountered some paintings containing Asians, and can feel that if there is no make-up and specially dressed, we match the painting accidentally “hit the face.” Unfortunately, there was no match in the end. Google, it seems, still wants us to explore more unknown writers and their paintings. Maybe we learned about the appetite when we took a selfie, and if the exhibition is nearby, take a trip to the art gallery and go.