Not only to record menstruation, but also to be cute: Cube | App+1

Clue, Period Tracker, grapefruit, there are never many menstrual assistants in the App Store, and even if Cube has only a “record cycle and a reminder” of this feature, it can stand out with its loveliness. Cube can be linked to the system’s “healthy” application by simply selecting “Import from health” in settings to easily migrate records. After importing the records, Cube calculates your menstrual cycle, and when you enter Cube, the small squares on the main interface spell out the numbers to show how many days you have left in the next cycle.

Click the Middle Log button and you can view the records in periodic and calendar views. In the cycle view, you can see that you are at which stage you will see yourself in the entire cycle, and the length of each Cycle and Period in the past.

The basic recording function in Cube is free, while “Reminders” and “Themes” need to be purchased and unlocked.

In “Reminders”, you can open a variety of reminders, in addition to the regular “aunt is Coming” and “Auntie is here”, there are these: PMS starts: Refers to Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, or premenstrual syndrome, is a physiological and psychological related symptom that occurs 1-2 weeks before a woman’s menstruation.

The next time you receive this reminder, you should give yourself a good early acne, irritable, anorexic prevention needle, in case you mistakenly hurt others.

Ovulation day, the date of ovulation.

Fertile window, five days before ovulation, is the best period of conception in theory. In “Themes”, you can unlock all kinds of cute little squares and let them heal you. (App icons can match themes)

The diet is not healthy, the rest is irregular, the pressure is too big …

Always listen to the sisters around you complain about the “Menstrual”, listen to a lot of, “menstruation is not adjusted” seems to have become a normal thing.

According to Wikipedia, the length of the menstrual cycle varies from one person to another, and each woman’s menstrual cycle is long and short, and a woman’s longest cycle minus the shortest period results within 8 days is normal. Women with a difference of less than 4 days are very rare, while the difference between the length of 8 and 20 days is somewhat moderate abnormalities, while the length of the difference of more than 21 days is a serious abnormality.