Only $1, You Can Enjoy These Software Easily

BundleHunt’s latest Mac App Bundle uses the recently more popular pay WhatsApp Want model, unlocking prices of $5.

Simply put, you can pick the apps included in the Bundle at will, and the final price you pay is the total price of the selected APP plus 5 dollars.

To be more conscientious, each App in this Bundle can add up to 3 licenses. Therefore, if you think the price is still a bit high, you can buy with other friends, split the cost of unlocking.

▍PDF Expert

Price: $59.99→$4.00, 93% off

PDF Expert can be said to be the macOS Bundle standard, from Creatable to Parallels, every time you reduce the price can see it. Of course, PDF Expert’s hard power is also quite good, the simple and exquisite UI design and omnipotent powerful editing function into one, has won the Mac App Store 2015 of the best application title, but also a lot of people’s macOS installation must-have applications.

▍Folx Pro

Price: $19.95→$1.50, 92% off

FOLX is an established macOS download tool that has now been iterated to the 5th largest version. Compared to the free version, Folx Pro allows you to search for seed resources within your app, download supported streaming website videos, set up timed tasks and smart speed controls, save FTP website passwords, integrate with iTunes, and more to meet your full download needs.


Price: $19.99→$4.00, 80% off

Unlike Folx’s all-around download, Downie only focuses on one thing, which is streaming website video download. In addition to supporting foreign video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, you can also use Downie to download domestic video site resources such as YouTube, Echo and beep directly. In addition, you can easily search for resources directly with Downie, or customize post-processing options.


Price: $39.95→$2.50, 94% off

When it comes to using Windows software on macOS, you might first think of Boot Camp and a crowd of virtual machines represented by Parallels Desktop. In fact, there is a more convenient means, that is, download CrossOver, one click to install the program or game you want to start, and directly from the Dock bar, with the macOS system seamless integration, to eliminate the loss of performance. At present, CrossOver has been perfect support for Office and other efficiency tools and World of Warcraft, old roll 5 and other large-scale games, the price of 2.5 knives is also a rare low price, you can consider starting.

▍SyncBird Pro

Price: $29.99→$2.00, 93% off

SyncBird Twin 叒 叕 is an iTunes alternative that helps you synchronize data, optimize backups, and more between your iPhone and Mac. Pro Edition Licensing will relieve you of daily data transfer restrictions, support sync information, contacts, memos, and more, as well as cleaning up iTunes backup redundant junk.

▍Hydra Pro

Price: $49.99→$5.00, 90% off

Hydra is a professional photo enhancement tool that specialises in HDR, ultra-high pixel synthesis and optimization, and a minority has previously evaluated its iOS version. In contrast, the macOS version of Hydra’s UI design is more intuitive and supports the Metal graphics engine. You can use it to combine multiple photos into a higher resolution picture and eliminate noise, add filters, and more.

▍Mosaic Pro

Price: $33.35→$4.00, 88% off

Mosaic is a macOS window management enhancement tool, but because the original birth screen function is too slag, I guess you have bought at least one competition. Compared with Moom, Magnet and other M surnamed seniors, Mosaic’s biggest feature is probably embracing new features, such as support Touch Bar, can use iOS App Remote Management Mac window and so on. If you’re a Touch Bar heavy user, consider starting.

▍Cloud Outliner Pro

Price: $9.99→$1.50, 85% off

OmniOutliner is likely to be the most powerful outline writing tool on macOS, but it also continues the consistent style of Omni Group, which sells for more than most people’s psychological expectations. In this case, we might as well give Cloud Outliner an opportunity to also support cross-device synchronization, multi-level tuning, style selection, advanced filters and other features, but the price is approachable, but also often promotional activities. For example, the price of this Bundle 1.5 knife, can be said to be quite value for money.


Price: $19.99→$3.00, 85% off

Focused, formerly known as Typed, is a minimalist Markdown editor focused on writing itself and has been featured by the MAC App Store for 2015. Its interface does not interfere with any redundant elements, only the mouse suspension will appear when the display style and other options. When you enter Zen mode, Focused also automatically plays white noise to help you immerse yourself in your current document.


Price: $9.99→$1.50, 85% off

Permute by Downie developer Charlie Monroe, can help you convert video, music, pictures and other multimedia file formats through simple drag and drop, while providing a variety of preset models such as Xbox, Apple TV and iPhone, simple and easy to use.


Price: $9.00→$1.50, 83% off

If you need to use some duplicate items frequently, you can use Workspaces to manage them. Just drag the work files, folders, apps, website links, and so on into the Workspaces menu bar icon, and you’ll be able to open all the project information after a click. Of course, Workspaces also supports the creation of multiple different projects that are easy to switch at any time.


Price: $7.00→$1.50, 79% off

Expressions is a simple, lightweight regular expression debugging tool that allows you to preview matching results in real time simply by entering rules and test text directly. If you can’t remember the specific rules, you can also consolidate your studies at any time through Expressions’s grammatical reference table. In addition, you can set up multiple rule groupings for easy use at any time.