Petya ransomware spreading across Europe

People and organizations all round the world just get out of WannaCry‘s serious attack, but now it seems like a new ransomware which is more malicious than the former getting start a new round of attack now.

Petya ransomware

Recently, a brand new ransomware “Petya” is spreading its attack in the world, starting from the Ukraine, it has been expand to many countries in the world, such as Spain, Israel, UK, Netherlands, Germany and United States.

What is the Petya ransomware

Petya, also known as Petrwrap, and Notpetya, is a variant of the Petya family of ransomware, it was firstly found in attacking the encrypting computers in Ukraine, and then spread its infection and attack to many other countries quickly. Many great organizations, industries, governments, Chernobyl nuclear reactor are all attacked and get many negative impacts by this malware, and the situation continues to be worse in nowadays.

Petya ransomware could exploits fundamental vulnerabilities and deliver patches to attack the computer, while the WannaCry focused on the poorly patched Windows systems. Once a computer is unfortunately infected by Petya, it will quickly compromise the Windows networking tools, and go to attack other PCs in the same network. And some experts also find that, it also can lock a computer like WannaCry, and then requires the user to pay a $300 bitcoin fee to decrypt. Therefore, it is more difficult for people to troubleshoot this ransomware’s infection on the computer.

Nearly 90% of virus infection on the computer are brand new, like the WannaCry to Petya ransomware, so it has been very important and emergent today to equip the computer with a powerful antivirus program, which can protect the computer with its advanced virus removing technology as well as the up-to-date virus database.