Recents – Customize Your Recently Used Files on Mac Easily

The general way to open a file is to find the file double-click to open or open the app to open the most recent file.
The use of files that open the same software is very fast by conventional means, but to often open different files of different software, the speed is significantly reduced. Recent is a MAC app that solves these problems.

At this time, an unwilling to give the name of the melon crowd out, “finder has the most recently used Smart folder, I open there is not to come?
」。 The problem with “recent use” is that it’s just a simple list of all the open files, it’s not convenient to use, think about how many times you’ve opened the file from here?

Recents will be displayed in a separate file storage form according to the software classification, the files stored inside the software can not be shown, such as a lot of note-taking software, so all you have to do is remember the software to which the file belongs.

Open recents, locate the software, and open the file. In addition, full keyboard operation (switch left and right up and down) also greatly saves the time to switch the mouse, and you no longer need to use “command + o” to open the file, to a familiar “return” bar!

Press and hold Command to show where the file is located.

Mouse The parties remember to open the settings and Tick “position window under mouse” so that when you use the shortcut “shift + Command + space”, you will appear below the cursor.

The above provides you with three ideas to open the document, the first two are widely known (with Alfred to find documents remember to add the key word find first), the third is rarely known. If you are as lazy as I am to remember, too lazy to find, you might as well try recents.