Recommend You This “File Transfer Station”. You will Easily Transfer file between Cell Phone and PC

Yoink is a “file staging” tool that can be understood as a temporary shelf, a term derived from The Simpsons, which shouts a “Yoink!” whenever something is caught from someone else, and the function of the app is the same, You can “grab” what you need to Yoink, and you can delete it after you use it, just as it’s introduced: “The best shelf app on Ios”.

And Yoink released iOS 2.0 a while ago, adding iCloud and Handoff sync, and adding night mode to make it a step closer to a better use.

Daily life often requires two devices to transfer content to each other, if it is two iOS devices, close range we can choose to send through the airdrop, which is the most convenient and fast method, but if the distance should be how to transfer? Social apps? A net disk?
Although these can but limit too much, the picture in the social tool will be compressed, the folder to be compressed into a package, more than a certain volume is not OK; it also takes a certain amount of time for network disk sharing to be downloaded from the cloud to the local area. Yoink can solve these problems perfectly, first of all, it supports arbitrary!

Is any file format, whether it is a file, pictures, links or other, you can drag in a click, it is a universal shelf, anything can be put. Drag in, if you want to open in another device, open the Yoink settings in iCloud Sync, file stored in the top of the Yoink can see another content of the device, click on it to view the file, and Yoink synchronization is not to synchronize all the content together, Instead, it is stored separately between different devices, which makes it more organized and easier to search.

Files are stored, synchronized, and need to be turned on in another device, when you can drag files to the corresponding app You can also use the sharing menu to share to different places.

You can also use the keyboard to output OH.

Yoink in the file, you can achieve classification, click Show All or you need such as only show pictures, show only links and so on.

Yoink in the file, you can achieve classification, click Show All or you need such as only show pictures, show only links and so on.

MacOS in the Drag and drop action we are more familiar with, and Yoink in macOS convenient and invisible, in the site to see a good look at the picture dragged in, check things need to open the URL later drag in, read the document dragged in and so on will see, as long as on the macOS to perform the “drag” this action, Yoink will appear; When needed, it appears in time, does not need to Yoink the time, it can hide itself perfectly, can place its position in any position on the side of the screen, my habit is to put in the middle of the left, so that when there is a file will not block the content.

Mac and iOS air-dropped, although convenient, but after the transfer of documents is not convenient sorting, we can fully organize the files in the mobile phone and put in the Yoink, and then through the Handoff in the Mac to open the organized content, with less effort.

Although there are many other similar tools, such as SendAnywhere can also achieve multi-device synchronization content, but on the one hand, SendAnywhere ads are not concise enough, on the other hand SendAnywhere transmission of large volume files often crash. Yoink transmission speed is fast, file format is not limited, and synchronization is simple and convenient, if you need a file staging tool, then Yoink is a good choice.